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A correction deed is an instrument used to correct an error in a deed that has been recorded at an earlier date. This type of deed is important because it ensures the accuracy of property records, which are essential for clear property titles and smooth real estate transactions.

In order to correct a prior deed on record, use a correction deed, which must be notarized and recorded at the same county agency as the earlier deed. The correction deed makes specific reference, by execution and recording date, as well as instrument ID or book/page number, to the earlier deed and rerecords it in its entirety. It states the type of error made and adds the corrected information in the respective section of the instrument. All parties who signed the prior deed must sign the correction deed in the presence of a notary.

Common reasons to use a Correction Deed.

Correcting Minor Errors: A Correction Deed is often used to rectify minor mistakes in a previously recorded deed, such as typographical errors, misspellings, or errors in personal details of the grantor or grantee (like names or addresses).

Property Description: One of the most common reasons for using a Correction Deed is to correct an inaccurate legal description of the property. Since the legal description defines the exact boundaries and dimensions of the property, accuracy is crucial.

Incorrect Recording Information: Sometimes, a deed might reference incorrect recording data from earlier transactions. A Correction Deed can rectify these references to ensure the chain of title is accurate.
Notary Acknowledgment: If the original deed contained errors in the notary acknowledgment, such as missing information or incorrect dates, a Correction Deed might be used to correct these issues.

(Alabama Correction Deed Package includes form, guidelines, and completed example) For use in Alabama only.

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