Alaska Release of Claim of Lien

Release of Claim of Lien for Real Estate Located in Alaska

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Alaska has no statutory form for a release of lien. Instead, a claim of lien automatically expires 6 months after filed for recording unless judicial action is commenced to enforce it within that time (AS 34.35.080).

When a property owner fulfills the balance owed on a contract subject to a claim of lien, however, the claimant may record a release of lien to evidence that the lien has been resolved before its expiration. By doing so, the claimant clears the lien from the owner's property title, and the title is no longer clouded.

An effective release of claim of lien identifies the claimant as the party releasing the lien and the property's owner who is subject to the lien. In addition, it references the claim of lien by its recording information. The release also functions as a receipt by showing the amount paid by the owner to release the lien. Further, the document includes a complete legal description of the property affected.

Documents relating to real property must meet standards of form and content before recording. A release is not valid unless signed by the claimant and acknowledged in the presence of a notarial official. Record the completed release of claim of lien in the recording office where the claim of lien was recorded.

Consult a lawyer with questions about lien releases, mechanic's liens, or for any other issues related to real property in Alaska.

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