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Arkansas - Mississippi County Disclaimer of Interest Form

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Mississippi County Disclaimer of Interest Form Page 1

Disclaimer of Interest Form - Mississippi County

Fill in the blank form formatted to comply with all recording and content requirements.
Included document last updated 1/5/2018

Mississippi County Disclaimer of Interest Guide Page 1

Disclaimer of Interest Guide - Mississippi County

Line by line guide explaining every blank on the form.
Included document last updated 1/5/2018

Mississippi County Completed Example of the Disclaimer of Interest Document Page 1

Completed Example of the Disclaimer of Interest Document - Mississippi County

Example of a properly completed form for reference.
Included document last updated 1/16/2018

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    • A fill in the blank form used to create your Disclaimer of Interest.
    • A guide that explains every blank on the Disclaimer of Interest Form.
    • A completed example of the Disclaimer of Interest to give you an idea of what a properly completed document looks like.
    • All supplemental forms that may be required by Mississippi County when recording your document.
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Areas covered by these Disclaimer of Interest Forms:

  • Mississippi County


  • Armorel
  • Bassett
  • Blytheville
  • Burdette
  • Dell
  • Driver
  • Dyess
  • Etowah
  • Frenchmans Bayou
  • Gosnell
  • Joiner
  • Keiser
  • Leachville
  • Luxora
  • Manila
  • Osceola
  • West Ridge
  • Wilson

What is the Arkansas Disclaimer of Interest?

Under the Arkansas statutes, the beneficiary of an interest in property may renounce the gift, either in part or in full (Ark. Code Ann. 28-2-201 to 28-2-221 Uniform Disclaimer of Property Interests Act). Note that the option to disclaim is only available to beneficiaries who have not acted in any way to indicate acceptance or ownership of the interest.

The disclaimer must be in writing and include a description of the interest, a declaration of intent to disclaim all or a defined portion of the interest, and be signed by the disclaimant (Ark. Code Ann. 28-2-205 (c)).

Deliver the disclaimer within nine months of the transfer (e.g., the death of the creator of the interest) to the personal representative of the decedent's estate, or file it with a court having jurisdiction to appoint such a representative (Ark. Code Ann. 28-2-212 (c)). In the case of real property, record a copy of the disclaimer in the office of the circuit clerk of the county in which the property or interest disclaimed is located (Ark. Code Ann. 28-2-215 (a)).

A disclaimer is irrevocable and binding for the disclaiming party and his or her creditors (Ark. Code Ann. 28-2-205 (e)), so be sure to consult an attorney when in doubt about the drawbacks and benefits of disclaiming inherited property. If the disclaimed interest arises out of jointly-owned property, seek legal advice as well.

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