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Connecticut Release of Mortgage

Once a loan on real property has been paid in full/satisfied the Lender/Mortgagee generally has 60 days to record a "Release of Mortgage" (also known as a "Satisfaction of Mortgage") and to notify the Borrower/Mortgagor of said action. If the satisfaction/release of mortgage is not given, the lender could be liable for damages. Once completed, submit this form to the town clerk who (shall index the affidavit in the name of the original mortgagee and the last assignee of the mortgage appearing of record as the grantors, and in the name of the mortgagors and the current record owner of the property as grantees.)( CT Gen Stat 49-8a(g))

A Connecticut "Release of Mortgage" shall state the names of the lenders and borrowers, (the date of the mortgage, and the volume and page of the land records where the mortgage is recorded. The affidavit shall provide similar information with respect to every recorded assignment of the mortgage.) (CT Gen Stat 49-8a(d))

This Form is made pursuant to (CT Gen Stat 49-9)
A mortgage of real or personal property, a mechanic's lien or a power of attorney for the conveyance of land may be released by an instrument in writing executed, attested and acknowledged in the same manner as deeds of land, setting forth that the mortgage, mechanic's lien or power of attorney for the conveyance of land is discharged or that the indebtedness or other obligation secured thereby has been satisfied. That instrument vests in the person or persons entitled thereto such legal title as is held by virtue of the mortgage, or mechanic's lien.

Other Circumstances for a Release of mortgage.
The executor of the will or administrator of the estate of any deceased mortgagee, or the spouse or next of kin, or other suitable person whom the court considers to have a sufficient interest, to whom a decree is issued under section 45a-273, and any guardian whose ward, or conservator whose conserved person, as defined in section 45a-644, is a mortgagee, may, on the payment, satisfaction or sale of the mortgage debt, release the legal title to the party entitled thereto. Connecticut Release of Mortgage Forms Have Been Updated as Recently as Thursday March 18, 2021

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Connecticut Release of Mortgage Form