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District Of Columbia Release of Notice of Lis Pendens

When a judgment goes against the party who filed the Notice of Lis Pendens it shall order the cancellation/release of said Lis Pendens, view 42--1207(d)(1) for complete details.

The party who filed the Lis Pendens Notice shall file the judgment ordering the cancellation and release of the Lis Pendens Notice with the Recorder of Deeds within 30 days, see 42--1207(d)(2) for complete details.

If a notice of the pendency of an action or proceeding is filed for recordation and the debt or other relief for which the action or proceeding was brought is satisfied, it shall be the duty of the party who filed the notice of pendency to file for recordation a release of the notice of pendency of the action or proceeding within 30 days after the satisfaction. 42--1207(e)

If the pending suit has been dismissed or terminated the party who filed the Notice of Lis Pendens shall file a Release of Lis Pendens within 30 days. View 42--1207(e)(1) for complete details.

District of Columbia statutes also apply fines for not releasing a Lis Pendens when required. In general, the party who filed the Notice of Pendency (Lis Pendens) should release the Lis Pendens when appropriate. Imagine a Lis Pendens that should have been released prevents the sale of a property, the buyer says, "I'm not buying a property under litigation". The buyer and seller could have considerable damages in which they might litigate to collect. District Of Columbia Release of Notice of Lis Pendens Forms Have Been Updated as Recently as Thursday April 25, 2019

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District Of Columbia Release of Notice of Lis Pendens Form