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Michigan - Mason County Special Warranty Deed Form

All Mason County specific forms listed below are included in your immediate download:

Mason County Special Warranty Deed Form Page 1

Special Warranty Deed Form - Mason County

Fill in the blank form formatted to comply with all recording and content requirements.
Included document last updated 11/24/2017

Mason County Special Warranty Deed Guide Page 1

Special Warranty Deed Guide - Mason County

Line by line guide explaining every blank on the form.
Included document last updated 12/11/2017

Mason County Completed Example of the Special Warranty Deed Document Page 1

Completed Example of the Special Warranty Deed Document - Mason County

Example of a properly completed form for reference.
Included document last updated 11/16/2017

*Supplemental forms (forms other than the actual deed form) are made available as a courtesy with your order. Supplemental forms come directly from the state or local jurisdiction that requires them, we offer no support for the supplemental forms, we did not make them.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How long does it take to get my forms?
    • Forms are available immediately after submitting payment.
  • How do I get my forms, are they emailed?
    • After you submit payment you will see a page listing the forms you ordered with a download link to the pdf form file. You download the forms to your computer. You will also receive an email with a link to your download page in case you need it later.
  • What type of files are the forms?
    • All of our forms are PDFs. You will need to have or get Adobe Reader to use our forms. Adobe Reader is free software that most computers already have installed.
  • Can the forms be re-used?
    • Yes. You can re-use the forms for your personal use. For example, if you have more than one property in a given county that you need to transfer you would only need to order our forms once for all of your properties in that county.
  • Are these forms guaranteed to be recordable in Mason County ?
    • Yes. Our form blanks are guaranteed to meet or exceed all formatting requirements set forth by Mason County including margin requirements, content requirements, font and font size requirements.
  • Do I have to enter all of my property information online?
    • No. The blank forms are downloaded to your computer and you fill them out there, at your convenience.
  • Can I save the completed form, email it to someone?
    • Yes, you can save your deed form at any point with your information in it. The forms can also be emailed, blank or complete, as attachments.
  • What is included in the download?
    • A fill in the blank form used to create your Special Warranty Deed.
    • A guide that explains every blank on the Special Warranty Deed Form.
    • A completed example of the Special Warranty Deed to give you an idea of what a properly completed document looks like.
    • All supplemental forms that may be required by Mason County when recording your document.
  • Do I need any special software to use these forms?
    • You will need to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer to use our forms. Adobe Reader is free software that most computers already have installed.
  • Are there any recurring fees involved?
    • No. Nothing to cancel, no memberships, no recurring fees.

Areas covered by these Special Warranty Deed Forms:

  • Mason County


  • Branch
  • Custer
  • Fountain
  • Free Soil
  • Ludington
  • Scottville
  • Walhalla

What is the Michigan Special Warranty Deed?

Special or limited warranty deeds, or at least the forms for such deeds, are not able to be used in Michigan, according to MCL 750.275: "Any person who shall print, sell or keep for sale any blank forms of deeds containing the words 'warranty deed' or 'warranty-deed covenant-own-acts,' or any similar words printed or written thereon, unless such deed is in fact an absolute warranty deed, and any person who shall knowingly use any such deed for the purpose of conveying title unless the same is an absolute warranty shall be guilty of a misdemeanor."

Instead, a covenant deed (sometimes called a Deed C) can be used in the place of a special warranty deed. In a covenant deed, the grantor's warranty is limited to claims arising from the actions of the grantor.

A covenant deed should be dated, duly signed by the grantor, and acknowledged. A deed executed in Michigan can be acknowledged before any judge, clerk of a court of record, or notary public within the state. The officer taking the acknowledgment should endorse a certificate of acknowledgment on the deed (565.8). A covenant deed executed out of state and according to the laws of such state can be acknowledged before a judge of a court of record, notary public, justice of the peace, or other officer authorized by that state to take acknowledgments and can then be recorded in Michigan (565.9).

A conveyance of real estate that is not recorded will be void as against any subsequent purchaser in good faith and for a valuable consideration, of the same real estate or any portion thereof, whose conveyance is first duly recorded. If the first recorded conveyance is in the form of or contains the terms of a quitclaim deed and release, this does not affect the question of good faith of the subsequent purchaser, or be of itself notice to him or her of any unrecorded conveyance of the same real estate or portion thereof (565.29). Real estate deeds should be recorded in the county where the property is located.

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