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Missouri General Power of Attorney-Durable

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This is a general durable power of attorney, created pursuant to the durable power of attorney law of Missouri, and the authority of your attorney-in-fact shall not terminate if you become disabled or incapacitated.

The principal delegates to an appointed attorney in fact, (general powers to act in a fiduciary capacity on the principal's behalf with respect to all lawful subjects and purposes or with respect to one or more express subjects or purposes.) 404.710. 1.

The principal has the choice of choosing one of more successor agents, in the event that the agent can't or won't act.

Your agent shall not have the authority to do any of the following acts:
1) To make, execute, modify or revoke a living will declaration for you;
2) To require you, against your will, to take any action or to refrain from taking any action;
3) To make, publish, declare, amend or revoke a will for you;
4) To carry out any actions which were specifically forbidden by you while you were not under any disability or incapacity.

In the event an agent named is your spouse, then that appointment and power shall automatically cease on the date any petition for divorce is filed by either of you against the other.

This power of attorney states, the laws of the State of Missouri, specifically including the Durable Power of Attorney Law of Missouri, shall apply to this General Durable Power of Attorney and that the interpretation, validity, durability, and/or operation of same shall be governed by said law, regardless of any subsequent change in my legal residence.

This form is fully formatted for recording, contains the grantor/grantee clause that counties require. 59.310(2-3&4)

(Missouri GPOA Package includes form, guidelines, and completed example)

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