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Nevada Deed of Full Reconveyance

In general, when a debt secured by a Deed of Trust has been paid the beneficiary/Lender shall deliver to the Trustee/Third Party or Trustor/Borrower the original note and Deed of Trust. (If the beneficiary delivers the original note and deed of trust to the trustee or the trustee has those documents in his or her possession, the trustee shall deliver those documents to the grantor.) NRS 107.077(1)

(Within 45 calendar days after a debt secured by a deed of trust made on or after October 1, 1991, is paid or otherwise satisfied or discharged, and a properly executed request to reconvey is received by the trustee, the trustee shall cause to be recorded a reconveyance of the deed of trust.) NRS 107.077(2)

This Form States-Trustee or successor trustee under that certain Deed of Trust described below, having received from the Beneficiary under said Deed of Trust a request to reconvey, reciting that the obligation secured by said Deed of Trust has been fully paid and performed.
And pursuant to NRS 107.077(4)
(a) The name of the beneficiary;
(b) The name of the trustor;
(c) The recording reference to the deed of trust;
(d) A statement that the debt secured by the deed of trust has been paid in full or otherwise satisfied or discharged;
(e) The date and amount of payment or other satisfaction or discharge; and
(f) The name and address of the title insurer issuing the release. NRS 107.077(5)

This form is signed by the Trustee notifying the Trustor/ Borrower that the loan has been paid in full. For use in Nevada Only. Nevada Deed of Full Reconveyance Forms Have Been Updated as Recently as Thursday September 5, 2019

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Susan C. said: Hi When and how will I get the copy of my deed ? Thanks

Reply from Staff: Thanks for reaching out. Looks like the document you ordered has been available for you to download from your account since January 15, 2019 at 11:46 am.

A. S. said: First, I am glad that you gave a blank copy, an example copy, and a 'guide'. It made it much easier to do. Overall I was very happy with your products and organization... however, things got pretty confusing and I have a pretty 'serious' law background in Real Estate and Civil law. With that said, I spent about 10+ hours getting my work done, using the Deed of Trust and Promissory note from you and there were a few problems: First, it would be FANTASTIC if you actually aligned your guide to actually match the Deed or Promissory Note. What I mean is that if the Deed says 'section (E)' then your guide shouldn't be 'randomly' numbered as 1,2,3, for advice/instructions, but should EXACTLY match 'section (E)'. Some places you have to 'hunt' for what you are looking for, and if you did it based on my suggestion, you wouldn't need to 'hunt' and it would avoid confusion. 2nd: This one really 'hurt'... you had something called the 'Deed of Trust Master Form' yet you had basically no information on what it was or how to use it. The only information you had was a small section at the top of the 'Short Form Deed of Trust Guide'. Holy Cow, was that 'section' super confusing. I still don't know if I did it correctly, but your guide says only put a return address on it and leave the rest of the 16 or so page Deed of Trust beneath it blank... and then include your 'Deed of Trust' (I had to assume the short form deed that I had just created) as part of it. I had to assume that I had to print off the entire 17 page or so title page and blank deed. I also had to assume that the promissory note was supposed to be EXHIBIT A or B on the Short Form Deed. It would be great if someone would take a serious look at that short section in your 'Short Form Deed of Trust Guide' and realize that those of us using your products are seriously turning this into a county clerk to file and that most of us, probably already have a property that has an existing Deed... or at least can find one in the county records if necessary... and make sure that you make a distinction between the Deed for the property that already exists, versus the Deed of Trust and Promissory note that we are trying to file. Thanks.

Reply from Staff: Thank you for your feedback. We'll have staff review the document for clarity. Have a great day!

Edward L. said: Excellent web site with just the right documents. Filled a very important need in less tha 2 minutes time.

Reply from Staff: We appreciate your business and value your feedback. Thank you. Have a wonderful day!

BARBARA T. said: Love this site! So easy to use and very economical

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Nevada Deed of Full Reconveyance Form