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Nevada Lis Pendens

A Lis Pendens is filed when an action affects (title or possession of real property.) Filed by the plaintiff [party initiating action] (at the time of filing the complaint) and defendant [party defending action] (at the time of filing his or her answer, if affirmative relief is claimed in the answer.) The Lis Pendens document is recorded at the County Recorder's Office, where the property is located. NRS 14.010

The Lis Pendens Notice contains:

1. (the names of the parties)

2. (the object of the action)

3. (a description of the property in that county affected thereby)

4. (the defendant shall also in the notice state the nature and extent of the relief claimed in the answer) NRS 14.010

The Notice of Pendency may be indexed in the same court as the pending case. Generally speaking, except in situations prescribed in NRS 14.017 a Lis Pendens is considered constructive notice to would be purchasers or lien holders once recorded. NRS 14.010 Nevada Lis Pendens Forms Have Been Updated as Recently as Thursday April 18, 2019

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