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Assignment of Mortgage for Real Estate Located in New Mexico

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This Assignment of Mortgage form is commonly used when the current lender transfers the loan to a third party, this is typically done when the mortgage is sold to the third party.

48-7-2. [Assignments of mortgages; recording; person entitled to payment; effect of failure to record; assignee's action against assignor.]

In cases where assignments of real estate mortgages are made subsequent to the date this act takes effect, and such assignments are not recorded in the office of the county clerk of the proper county, the mortgagor, his heirs, personal representatives or assigns may pay the principal debt secured by such mortgage or accrued interest thereon, prior to the recording of such assignment, to the mortgagee; but if an assignment of such mortgage appears upon the proper record of such county clerk, then such payment may be made to the last assignee whose assignment is so recorded, and such payment shall be effectual to extinguish all claims against such mortgagor, his heirs, personal representatives or assigns, for or on account of such interest or such principal indebtedness. No transfer of any note, bond or other evidence of indebtedness, by endorsement or otherwise, where such indebtedness is secured by mortgage on real estate within this state, shall prevent or operate to defeat the defense of payment of such interest or principal by the mortgagor, his heirs, personal representatives or assigns, where such payment has been made to the mortgagee whose mortgage is duly recorded or to the assignee whose assignment appears last of record in accordance with the provisions of this act [ 48-7-2, 48-7-3 NMSA 1978]; provided, however, that the assignee who may hold an unrecorded assignment of a real estate mortgage which is immediately subsequent to such recorded mortgage or to the last recorded assignment shall have a right of action against his assignor to recover the amount of any such payment of interest or principal made to such assignor, as upon an account for money had and received for the use of such assignee.

14-9-4. Filing for record; effect; reception book.
The time of the recording of an instrument shall be the time of its deposit in the office of the county clerk and his entry thereof in the reception book as herein provided. It shall be the duty of every county clerk immediately on the receipt for record of any deed, mortgage or other writing affecting the title to real estate, to enter the same by the name of the grantor, mortgagor or other persons [person] whose title is affected thereby, in a proper book, arranged in alphabetical or numerical order, to be known as the reception book, together with the date, hour and minute of such record. Any county clerk failing to make such entry immediately, shall be punished by a fine of one hundred dollars [($100)], and shall also be liable for damages to any person injured by such neglect, to the extent of such injury.

Current Borrowers must be notified of the assignment. Notification consists of contact information of the new creditor, recording dates, recording instrument numbers, changes in loan, etc. Included are "Notice of Assignment of Mortgage" forms.

The Truth and lending act requires that borrowers be notified when their mortgage debt has been sold, transferred, or assigned to a new creditor. Generally, within 30 days to avoid up to $2,000.00 in statutory damages, plus reasonable attorney's fees. Systematic violations can reach up $500,000.00.

(New Mexico AOM Package includes form, guidelines, and completed example) For use in New Mexico only.

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