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Ohio General Durable Power of Attorney

Use this Power of Attorney in Ohio to authorize any or all of the following:

(A) Real property transactions.
(B) Tangible personal property transactions.
(C) Stock and bond transactions.
(D) Commodity and option transactions.
(E) Banking and other financial institution transactions.
(F) Business operating transactions.
(G) Insurance and annuity transactions.
(H) Estate, trust, and other beneficiary transactions.
(I) Claims and litigation.
(J) Personal and family maintenance.
(K) Benefits from Social Security
(L) Retirement plan transactions.
(M) Tax matters.
(N) Gifting.
(O) Revocation - This Power Attorney may be revoked by me at any time by providing written notice to my Attorney-in-fact, in any reasonable manner.

On the following lines you may give special instructions limiting or extending the powers granted to your agent.

CHOICE OF LAW. This power of attorney will be governed by the laws of the state of Ohio without regard for conflicts of laws principles. It was executed in the state of Ohio and is intended to be valid in all jurisdictions of the United States of America and all foreign nations.

Formatted for recording:
1337.06 Execution and evidence of power of attorney.
A power of attorney for the transfer of personal property or the transaction of business relating to the transfer of personal property, in order to be admitted to record as provided in section 1337.07 of the Revised Code, shall be signed and acknowledged in the same manner as deeds and mortgages under section 5301.01 of the Revised Code. When so executed, acknowledged, and recorded, a copy of the record, certified by the county recorder, with the recorder's official seal affixed to it, shall be received in all courts and places within this state as prima-facie evidence of the existence of that instrument and as conclusive evidence of the existence of that record. Ohio General Durable Power of Attorney Forms Have Been Updated as Recently as Monday September 28, 2020

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Ohio General Durable Power of Attorney Form