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Recorder Offices in Curry County

Curry County Clerk
450 N. Ellensburg, Gold Beach, Oregon 97444
Monday - Friday 9:00am to 12:00 & 1:00 to 4:00pm
Phone: (503) 247-7011
Curry County Clerk    450 N. Ellensburg, Gold Beach, Oregon, 97444 is providing this information as a courtesy to our visitors. You are NOT on the Curry County official website, you are on, a private website that is not affiliated with any government agency.
Curry County Oregon Register of Deeds
Curry County Recorder Information
The recorder in Curry County is responsible for recording and maintaining records related to real property situated in the County.
Recording Fees
All deed and mortgage documents are $57.00 for the first page and $5 for each additional page.

Non-standard documents will be charged an additional $20.

Contact the Curry County Recorder at (800) 243-7620 if you have more questions about recording fees.
Document Formatting Requirements
The County Clerk’s Office records documents that affect title to real property located in Curry County, Oregon. Documents are checked for compliance with Oregon statutes when they are received for recording. If a document cannot be recorded, it is returned to the sender with an explanation for the rejection. If it is recorded, it is returned within 10 days.

The county clerk is the official record keeper for the county. Once an instrument is recorded, it is returned within 10 days.

Unrecorded instruments affecting title are void as to subsequent purchasers.

• Real property documents should be typed, written, or printed in black ink with a minimum font size of 8 point on white paper that is no larger than 8.5x14 inches.

• A 2 x 3 inch blank space should be provided in the upper right corner on the first page of the document. This is reserved for the Clerk’s sticker.

• An instrument describing two or more transactions between the same parties and involving the same properties, recordable as separate instruments, may be recorded when the instrument is labeled with the names of the transactions described therein.

• The names and addresses of all the parties to be indexed must be listed on the first page.

• If a recording cover sheet is being used, the following should be in the upper left corner:
This cover sheet has been prepared by the person presenting the attached instrument for recording. Any errors in this cover sheet do not affect the transaction(s) contained in the instrument itself. ORS 205.234.

• The name and address of the person to whom the document should be returned should be listed on the first page, in the upper left corner after the cover sheet statement.

• The name and address where future tax statements are to be sent is required on the first page of documents conveying or contracting to convey fee title. This can be in substantially the following form: “Until a change is requested, all tax statements shall be sent to the following address.”

• The true and actual consideration paid is required on the first page of documents conveying or contracting to convey fee title.

• For instruments recorded in the county clerk lien records, the lien amount should be shown on the first page.

• The name of the transaction should be on the first page.

• A legal description of the real property needs to be included in the document of conveyance. A legal description is not simply a tax lot number or street address. Acceptable legal descriptions are a subdivision name with lot and block; a metes and bounds description; partition plat recording and parcel number; reference to a book and page or instrument of any previously recorded Curry County record where the legal description may be found.

• A mandatory statement shall be in the body of the instrument that transfers or contracts to transfer fee title to real property, except for owner’s sales agreements or earnest money receipts. This statement can be found in the Oregon Revised code, 93.040.

(1) A warranty deed may be in substantially the following form:

_____, Grantor, conveys and warrants to_____, Grantee, the following described real property free of encumbrances except as specifically set forth herein: (Describe the property conveyed.)

(If there are to be exceptions to the covenants described in ORS 93.850 (2)(c), here insert such exceptions.)

(Following statement of exceptions, here insert statement required under ORS 93.040 (1).)

The true consideration for this conveyance is $_____. (Here comply with the requirements of ORS 93.030.)

Dated this _____ day of_____, 2___.

A deed in the form of subsection (1) of this section shall have the following effect:
(a) It shall convey the entire interest in the described property at the date of the deed which the deed purports to convey.
(b) The grantor, the heirs, successors and assigns of the grantor, shall be forever estopped from asserting that the grantor had, at the date of the deed, an estate or interest in the land less than that estate or interest which the deed purported to convey and the deed shall pass any and all after acquired title.
(c) It shall include the following covenants, each of which shall run in favor of the grantee and the successors in title of the grantee as if written in the deed:
(A) That at the time of the delivery of the deed the grantor is seized of the estate in the property which the grantor purports to convey and that the grantor has good right to convey the same.
(B) That at the time of the delivery of the deed the property is free from encumbrances except as specifically set forth on the deed.
(C) That the grantor warrants and will defend the title to the property against all persons who may lawfully claim the same.
(3) If the grantor desires to exclude any encumbrances or other interests from the scope of the covenants of the grantor, such exclusions must be expressly set forth on the deed.
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