Idaho Deed of Full Reconveyance - for Deed of Trust

Idaho Deed of Full Reconveyance - for Deed of Trust Image
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This form is used by the trustee or successor trustee to reconvey a Deed of Trust when fully paid and performed. This takes place when the current trustee is notified in writing from the beneficiary/lender. The full reconveyance is then recorded in the county where the property is located, generally within 30 days of satisfaction and notification, to avoid penalty.

45-1514. RECONVEYANCE UPON SATISFACTION OF OBLIGATION. Upon performance of the obligation secured by the deed of trust, the trustee upon written request of the beneficiary shall reconvey the estate of real property described in the deed of trust to the grantor; providing that in the event of such performance and the refusal of any beneficiary to so request or the trustee to so reconvey, as above provided, such beneficiary or trustee shall be liable as provided by law in the case of refusal to execute a discharge or satisfaction of a mortgage on real property.

For use in Idaho only.

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