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Indiana Lis Pendens Notice

In general, for a Lis Pendens Notice to become constructive notice to would be purchasers or encumbrancers a Lis Pendens shall be recorded with the County Recorder where said property is located. Also (Each clerk of the circuit court shall keep a lis pendens record. The lis pendens record is a public record ) (IC 32-30-11-1 "Lis pendens record" Sec. 1.)
In general the Lis Pendens contains:
(1) the title of the court;
(2) the names of all the parties to the suit;
(3) a description of the real estate to be affected; and
(4) the nature of the lien, right, or interest sought to be enforced against the real estate. Indiana Lis Pendens Notice Forms Have Been Updated as Recently as Monday April 15, 2019

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Indiana Lis Pendens Notice Form