Nebraska Deed of Full Reconveyance for Deed of Trust

Nebraska Deed of Full Reconveyance for Deed of Trust Image
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When a Deed of Trust has been paid in full the beneficiary/lender is responsible to deliver (a reconveyance in recordable form duly executed by the trustee) to the trustor/borrower. (Any beneficiary who fails to deliver such a reconveyance within sixty days after receipt of such written request shall be liable to the trustor or his or her successor in interest, as the case may be, for five thousand dollars or actual damages resulting from such failure, whichever is greater.) (76-1014.01)

(If a trustee fails or refuses to execute a reconveyance required by the beneficiary, the beneficiary shall appoint a successor trustee that will execute a reconveyance.) (76-1014.01)

This form can be used by the original beneficiary/lender or current beneficiary/lender- original trustee or current trustee,

(Nebraska DOFR Package includes form, guidelines, and completed example) For use in Nebraska only.

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