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Nevada Special Power of Attorney for Real Property

This Special Power of Attorney is used for Real Property. In this form the principle appoints an Agent and empowers him/her to perform a real estate transaction. This allows your agent; to buy, sell, exchange, transfer and in any legal manner deal in and with the same; and to mortgage, transfer in trust or otherwise encumber. Powers can be further limited or defined in the "Special Instructions" section. (Example: The sole purpose is for the SALE of the described property.)

This power of attorney is durable, meaning; (not terminated by the principal's incapacity) (NRS162A.040)

Formatted for recording. (Every power of attorney, or other instrument in writing, containing the power to convey any real property as agent or attorney for the owner thereof, or to execute, as agent or attorney for another, any conveyance whereby any real property is conveyed, or may be affected, must be recorded as other conveyances whereby real property is conveyed or affected are required to be recorded.) (NRS162A.480 (2)) Nevada Special Power of Attorney for Real Property Forms Have Been Updated as Recently as Tuesday September 10, 2019

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Nevada Special Power of Attorney for Real Property Form