De Kalb County, Alabama - Recorder Information

Register of Deeds

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The Probate Office is responsible for recording and maintaining real property records in De Kalb County.

Recording Fees

For all documents being recorded, the first page is $13.50, and each additional page of the document is $5.50. The following is a breakdown of these fees:

Special Indexing Fee (Per Document).....$4.00

Certified Fee (Per Document)...... $4.00

Recording Fee on Pages (Per Page)......$5.50

Deed Tax ($0.50 per $500.00 / $1.00 per $1,000.00)

Deed tax is 50 cents per each $500.00 or fraction thereof on the value of interest being conveyed. We always round up in increments of $500.00 (example $501.00 would round up to $1,000 and a $1.00 deed tax would be collected.)

Mortgage Tax ($0.15 per $100.00)
Mortgage tax is figured at the rate of 15 cents per each $100.00 or fraction thereof on the amount of the mortgage. We always round up in increments of $100.00 (example $100.01 would round up to $200.00 and the mortgage tax due would be 30 cents)

Simultaneous Recording of Deed and Mortgage

The mortgage tax and fee for recording the mortgage will be calculated as outlined above. The deed tax will be figured on the amount of the sales price exceeding the amount of the mortgage, if the mortgage is made to a taxable concern and the mortgage tax collected. If the mortgage is made to a non-taxable concern then the deed tax will be charged on the total value of interest being conveyed.

No Tax Fee (Collected on Non-Taxable Mortgage and Deeds)....$1.00

Additional Names ($1.00 each for more than 2 names)

If a document lists more than two grantors or grantees, mortgagors or mortgagees, lessors or lessees, transferors or transferees, assignors or assignees, buyers or sellers or vendors or vendees, an additional fee for indexing each name in excess of two entries in the direct index or two entries in the reverse index shall be $1.00 per name.

Examples of Commonly Recorded Documents and Corresponding Fees

Judgement/Lien (One Page) (Additional Pages Are $5.50 Each)...$13.50

Power of Attorney (One Page) (Additional Pages Are $5.50 Each)....$13.50

Satisfaction/Release (One Page) (Additional Pages Are $5.50 Each).....$13.50

Copies $1.00 Per page

Certified Fee $3.00 (per document)

County recording fees are subject to change without notice. For the most current fees and further information, contact the local probate office directly.

Document Formatting Requirements

* Instrument prepared by: Instrument must show the name and address of the preparer. This can be done in the following format: 'This instrument prepared by NAME and ADDRESS.'

* The marital status of grantors or mortgagors is required to be given on all real property documents.

* The complete name and address of the grantee is required to be given on documents.

* A complete legal description of the real property, including plat book or the section, township, and range should be given. Any instrument attempting to transfer any interest in land will not be recorded if the instrument describes the land by reference to a plat but does not have the plat attached to the instrument or if the instrument does not describe the plat book or office in which it is located.

* Documents containing multiple pages should not be stapled.

* Originals or certified copies can be submitted.

* All documents of conveyance need to be in writing, attested by two witnesses, and signed by the contracting party or his agent. If he is unable to sign his name, it may be written for him with the words 'his mark' written next to his name.

The Real Estate Sales Validation Form must be filed in accordance with Code of Alabama 1975, Section 40-22-1.