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Morgan County, Alabama

Recorder Offices

Morgan County Probate Office

Courthouse, 2nd floor - 302 Lee Street NE / PO Box 848, Decatur, Alabama 35601 / 35602

8:00 to 4:30 M-F

Phone: (256) 351-4680

Register of Deeds

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Alabama - Morgan County Recorder Information

The Recording Division of the Probate Office is responsible for maintaining real property records in Morgan County.

Recording Fees

The local probate office does not post the fees because every deed is different due to the taxes. Recording fees are the same across the board, but the tax is based on the tax assessors market value/price paid for the home.

Contact the office directly at (256) 351-4675 to determine fees and taxes.

Document Formatting Requirements

* Documents should be submitted on 8.5 x 11 inch white paper, with a minimum font size of 12 point.

* The first page should have a 3 x 3 inch blank area in the top right corner. This should be left blank for recording purposes. All other margins should be at least 1 inch.

* Instruments should have a "prepared by" statement, which should give the name and address of the individual who prepared the document.

* The name and marital status of the grantors should be supplied on the face of the deed.

* A complete name and mailing address of the grantee should be given.

* A legal description of the property in metes and bounds is required. The plat described in the deed should be attached to and made a part of the instrument, or the instrument should describe the book and the office in which such plat book is to be found.

* Signatures and proper notary statements are required. If the document has not been notarized, two witnesses are required.

* Names in the document should be printed or typed beneath all signatures.

The Real Estate Sales Validation Form must be filed in accordance with Code of Alabama 1975, Section 40-22-1.