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Bradley County, Arkansas

Recorder Offices

Circuit Clerk

101 East Cedar, Ste 109, Warren, Arkansas 71671

8:30 to 4:30 M-F

Phone: (870) 226-2272

Register of Deeds

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Arkansas - Bradley County Recorder Information

The Circuit Clerk is responsible for recording real property documents. Warranty deeds, easements, and other instruments pertaining to real property located in Bradley County can be recorded with the Circuit Clerk.

Recording Fees

To record the first page of a deed or mortgage, the fee is $15 for the first page and $5 for each additional page.

If a page contains printing on both sides, it will be charged as two pages. If there is not enough room on the first or last page for the recording stamp, an additional page will be added and charged.

Call the circuit clerk's office at (870) 226-3853 with questions.

Document Formatting Requirements

* Deeds and instruments of writing for the conveyance of real estate shall be executed in the presence of two disinterested witnesses or shall be acknowledged by the grantor in the presence of two witnesses, who shall then subscribe the deed. When the witnesses do not subscribe the deed at the time of the execution, the date of their subscribing it shall be stated with their signatures.

* All deeds for the conveyance of real estate shall be proven or duly acknowledged. The acknowledgment must specify the state and county or other place where the acknowledgment is taken.

* A document should be on 8.5 x 11 inch white paper. Printing should be single-sided only and in black ink with a minimum font size of 12 point. The entire document must be legible in order to be recorded.

* At the top right of the first page, provide a blank 2.5 inch margin and .5 of an inch margins on the sides and bottoms of all pages. On the bottom of the last page, provide a blank margin of at least 2.5 inches.

* The first page of the document must contain the following information: the title of the document and the name of the grantor and grantee, when applicable.

* Provide the name and address of the person or governmental agency that prepared the document. This information should be given on the first page. The name of the person or governmental agency should be typed, printed, stamped, or signed in a legible manner. This requirement will be met if the information is given in substantially the following format: "This instrument was prepared by (name and address)."

* After recording, the recorder will return the instrument to the party entitled to the instrument. Provide a return address on the document.

* A deed must have the certification signed by the grantor (or grantor's agent) that the correct amount of revenue stamps are affixed to the face of the document or a statement that none are required. If a monetary exchange was involved, the revenue stamps must be purchased from the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration and affixed to the face of the deed.

* To reference a previously recorded document, use the document identifier number, which is printed on the barcode label.

* Provide a legal description of the real property.