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Hendry County, Florida

Recorder Offices

Clerk of the Circuit Court: Recording - Admin Bldg

25 E Hickpoochee Ave / PO Box 1760, LaBelle, Florida 33935 / 33975

8:30am to 5:00pm M-F

Phone: (863) 675-5202

Clewiston Sub Office

1100 S Olympia St, Suite 502, Clewiston, Florida 33440

8:30 to 1:00 & 2:00 to 5:00 M-F

Phone: (863) 983-1464

Register of Deeds

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Florida - Hendry County Recorder Information

The Recording Division of the Clerk's Office is the central depository for all documents recorded in the Official Records Books of Hendry County as required by Florida Statute.

Recording Fees

First page: $10.00
Each additional page: $8.50

For indexing instruments recorded in the official records which contain more than four names, per additional name: $1.00

On real estate conveyance, per $100.00 consideration: $0.70 (Formula: .0070 x Total Purchase Price = Amount of Doc Stamps)
On obligations to pay money, per $100.00 indebtedness: $0.35 (Formula: .0035 x Amount Financed = Amount of Doc Stamps)
Intangible tax on promissory notes, written obligations to pay money (mortgages, etc.): $0.002 x total

The documentary tax stamp is due on total consideration (including cash, any unpaid balance on existing or new mortgages, plus anything having a monetary value).

If special services are requested or if there are unusual circumstances affecting fees or taxes due, clear instructions should be provided.
If taxes are not due or have been paid on another document, indicate this on the face of the new document: "Documentary Stamp Tax paid on document recorded under ______________ or Book ________ and Page no. ______." For exempt documents: "In accordance with (Exemption Number), taxes are not due on this recording." This information will not only assist in recording, but may also prevent penalties and interest from being levied by the Department of Revenue.

Include a self-addressed stamped envelope to ensure the timely return of documents.

County recording fees are subject to change without notice. For the most current fees and further information, contact the local clerk's office directly.

Document Formatting Requirements

* The quality of images in the Official Records depends on the quality of the documents presented for recording. Images that are created and placed in the Official Records need to be legible and of high quality.

* Use legible black print or typing in a font size of at least 12 point on white 8.5 x 11 inch paper. Paper can be as large as 8.5 x 14 inches. Do not highlight any text.

* All pages of the same document can be stapled together for presentation for recording. If submitting multiple documents, do not staple them together if they are to be recorded separately.

* Provide a blank 3 x 3 inch square in the top right corner on the first page. Subsequent pages should have a blank 1 x 3 inch space in the top right corner.

* The grantor's signature must be notarized with the name and address printed below each signature. The notary's name must also be printed.

* Two individual witnesses are needed to subscribe the grantor's signature. The witnesses' names must also be printed below the corresponding signatures.

* A complete legal description of the real property must appear on the deed.

* Include the name and address of each person signing an instrument affecting real property.

* On the face of the deed, provide the name and address of the person who prepared the document. This can be formatted as follows: "Prepared by: (name and address)." This information should be placed in the top left corner of the first page. Any person preparing a deed for recording in the Official Records should not include a social security number, bank account number, or credit card number.

* The document title should be centered on the top of the first page, but should not extend into the 3x3 inch space.

* After the document title, provide the Property Appraiser's Parcel Identification Number related to the property.

* All names are indexed, except persons executing as Attorney in Fact under a Power of Attorney. If the same name appears as grantor and grantee, it will be counted twice.

* The names as signed and typed must be in agreement. The name of each person who executed, witnessed, and acknowledged the instrument should be legibly printed or typed on the document. Real Estate Deeds

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