Nez Perce County, Idaho - Recorder Information

Register of Deeds

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The county clerk also serves as recorder and is responsible for maintaining records related to real property located in Nez Perce County.

Recording Fees

For recording each of the following types of instruments, provided such instrument is thirty (30) pages or less:

Deeds, grants and conveyances of real property $15.00

Trust deeds or mortgages of real property, including fixture filings (UCC mortgages),
security agreements and assignments of leases and rents if contained within the same
instrument for recording $45.00 for first 30 pages, then $3.00 for each additional page

Reconveyances of trust deeds, including a substitution of trustee if contained within
the same instrument for recording, and releases of mortgages $15.00

Powers of Attorney $25.00

Surveys - Recording Fees: $5.00 per survey
Copies of Recorded Surveys: $4.00 per survey page

All OTHER DOCUMENTS $10.00 first page, $3.00 each additional page (Letter & Legal sizes)

Per page $1.00
Certification of copy per document $1.00
Conformed document per page (originals only) $0.50

Document Formatting Requirements

* Originals or certified copies of originals are accepted for recording.

* Paper size should not exceed 8.5 x 14 inches. Larger pages will be charged an additional fee of 2 cents per square inch.

* The text of the document should be in black ink, 12 point Times New Roman font.

* On the first or last page of a document, a 2x3 inch space must be left blank for the recorder's use. If this space is not provided, an additional page will be added, which will result in extra fees.

* Below the 2x3 space on the first page, a document title must be given.

* All documents must be notarized in order to be recorded.

* Any person transferring residential real property must fill out a property disclosure form. Details on this form can be found in the Idaho Code, section 55-2508.

* A legal description of the real property must be provided.

* The document must be signed by the grantor, whose signature must be notarized. The grantee's mailing address must be provided.