Real Estate Deeds
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Nevada - Humboldt County Recorder Information

The recorder is responsible for maintaining records related to real property situated in Humboldt County.

Recording Fees

$25.00 Base Recording fee for any standard document
$1.00 Fund to assist persons formerly in Foster Care
$3.00 Legal services for the indigent
$1.00 Compensation of Investigators appointed by District Courts
$5.00 Technology fund for County Recorder
$35.00 Total recording fee

A cover page is available on the Humboldt County Recorder's webpage for documents that do not meet the first page requirements. Using this will result in extra fees.

Original documents are returned as directed approximately 5-7 days after recording. For this reason, a return address should be listed on the document.

Document Formatting Requirements

* A document must be on white 20 pound paper that is 8.5 x 11 inches in size. Documents should not be continuously bound together at the top, sides, or bottom.

* Printing should be single-sided only. Black ink with a font size of at least 10 point should be used.

* Text should not be colored or highlighted.

* A 3 x 3 inch space should be in the upper right corner on the first page. This is to be left blank for the recorder. All other margins on this page and on subsequent pages should be at least 1 inch.

* Corresponding names must be legibly printed or typed beneath all signatures in the document, with the exception of the notary's signature.

* Deeds, transfers, and mortgages of real estate must be properly acknowledged or proved and signed by the grantor.

* The Assessor's Parcel Number relative to the property in question should be listed in the top left corner of the first page of the document submitted for recording. The APN shall not be deemed to be a complete legal description of the real property conveyed. The county recorder is not required to verify that the number is correct.

* If a document contains a metes and bounds legal description, the name and address of the person who prepared the legal description should be listed, or the document number and/or book and page of a previously recorded document containing the legal description currently being used.

* The grantee's mailing address must be listed in the document. If there is no grantee, then the mailing address of the person who is requesting the recording must be listed.

* A deed must contain the name and address of the person to whom a statement of taxes assessed on the real property is to be mailed.

A Declaration of Value form is required to be submitted with all documents of conveyance. If an exemption is claimed, the exemption number must be listed, as well as the reason for the exemption. A list of exemptions can be found on the Humboldt County Recorder's webpage.

Any document that transfers an interest in real property is subject to transfer tax and a completed Declaration of Value form.