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Texas - Comal County Recorder Information

The County Clerk is responsible for recording and maintaining real property records in Comal County.

Recording Fees

The fee to record a deed or deed of trust is $26 for the first page. Each additional page or fraction of a page is $4.

Each additional grantor or grantee in excess of five to be indexed is 25 cents.

If there is no heading on the top of the first page of the document, an additional $5 fee will apply.

If the grantee's address is not included, double the amount of the filing fee or a flat fee of $25 (whichever amount is greater) will be charged.

If names are not printed underneath original signatures, double the filing fee for that page ($5 for the first page or $4 for additional pages) will be charged.

Non-certified copies are $1 per page. A clerk's certification fee is $5.

Additional postage for over-sized copies is $1.

Fees are subject to change without notice. For the most current fees, contact the County Clerk directly.

Document Formatting Requirements

- A copy of an instrument may not be recorded in the office of the county clerk. Certified copies may be accepted. An instrument must be in the English language to be recorded.

- A conveyance of an estate of inheritance, a freehold, or an estate for more than one year, in land and in tenements should be in writing and must be subscribed and delivered by the conveyor (the grantor) or by the grantor's agent authorized in writing. Instruments must be acknowledged or proved as required by law. Signatures must be original.

- A document page is considered to be one side of a sheet of white paper measuring 8.5 x 11 inches or 8.5 x 14 inches. The paper should be of sufficient weight, substance, and color so that printing or typing does not bleed through. If riders or attachments are used, they must also comply with the size requirements and should not be larger than the page. Only one rider or attachment can be attached to a page.

- The text should be printed in a font size of at least 8 point and in black ink. Printing, typing, and handwriting should be legible.

- At the top of the first page, provide a document heading or caption that identifies the type of recordable transaction.

- Instruments will not be recorded unless the mailing address of each grantee is provided either on the instrument itself or in a separate writing that is signed by the grantor or grantee and is attached to the instrument. If this information is not provided as requested, additional fees will apply to the transaction.

- Names must be legibly printed or typed underneath signatures.

- A legal description of the real property is required.

- An instrument transferring an interest in real property to or from an individual must include a notice at the top of the first page in 12 point boldface type or 12 point uppercase letters and reads substantially as follows: NOTICE OF CONFIDENTIALITY RIGHTS: IF YOU ARE A NATURAL PERSON, YOU MAY REMOVE OR STRIKE ANY OR ALL OF THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION FROM ANY INSTRUMENT THAT TRANSFERS AN INTEREST IN REAL PROPERTY BEFORE IT IS FILED FOR RECORD IN THE PUBLIC RECORDS: YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER OR YOUR DRIVER'S LICENSE NUMBER.