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Vermont Recorder Information

Each city and town in Vermont maintains its own real property records. The office responsible for recording is that of the town (or city) clerk. A few unorganized towns and gores exist that record properties through the county.

Real estate deeds that transfer property in Vermont can be recorded to provide constructive notice of the transfer.

Statutory information:

27 V.S.A. 301 (2012)

301. Manner of conveying
Conveyance of land or of an estate or interest therein may be made by deed executed by a person having authority to convey the same, or by his attorney, and acknowledged and recorded as provided in this chapter.

302. Effect of oral conveyance
Estates or interests in lands, created or conveyed without an instrument in writing shall have the effect of estates at will only. An estate or interest in lands shall not be assigned, granted or surrendered unless by operation of law or by a writing signed by the grantor or his attorney.

303. Trusts concerning realty
A trust concerning lands, excepting such as may arise or result by implication of law, shall not be created or declared, unless by an instrument in writing signed by the party creating or declaring the same, or by his attorney.

305. Conveyances effected through power of attorney
(a) A deed or other conveyance of lands or of an estate or interest therein, made by virtue of a power of attorney, shall not be of any effect or admissible in evidence, unless such power of attorney is signed, witnessed by one or more witnesses, acknowledged and recorded in the office where such deed is required to be recorded.
(b) Nothing in subsection (a) of this section shall limit the enforceability of a power of attorney which is executed in another state or jurisdiction in compliance with the law of that state or jurisdiction. This subsection shall apply retroactively, except that it shall not affect a suit begun or pending as of July 1, 2010. Real Estate Deeds

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