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Sheboygan County, Wisconsin

Recorder Offices

Sheboygan Register of Deeds

Administration Bldg - 508 New York Ave, Rm 218, Sheboygan, Wisconsin 53081

Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Phone: (920) 459-3023

Register of Deeds

You are NOT on the Sheboygan County official website, you are on, a private website that is not affiliated with any government agency.

Wisconsin - Sheboygan County Recorder Information

The Register of Deeds records, maintains, and provides access to all the real estate records in Sheboygan County.

Recording Fees

Deeds, mortgages, land contracts, satisfactions, lis pendens, and miscellaneous documents entitled to be recorded in the Register of Deeds office are $30 per document, regardless of the number of pages.

The current transfer tax rate is $0.30 per $100. Deeds in fulfillment of a land contract dated prior to Dec. 12, 1971 do not require the payment of transfer fees. Deeds in fulfillment of a land contract dated Dec. 17, 1971 to Aug. 31, 1981 inclusive are computed at $0.10 per $100.

A Wisconsin Real Estate Transfer Return (completed with proper fee paid or a transfer tax exemption number) is required for deeds, land contracts, and other instruments of conveyance. File the form electronically online with the Wisconsin Department of Revenue.

The recording fee must accompany the deed and the transfer return receipt when recording.

Checks should be made payable to Ellen Schleicher --Register of Deeds.

Document Formatting Requirements

* Documents should be on white paper either 8.5x11 inches or 8.5x14 inches. Paper should be at least 20 pound weight and should not be hinged at the side or top.

* Black or red ink with a font size of at least 10 point is required.

* At the top of the first page, a inch by 2 inch area should be left blank in the upper left corner. This will contain the document number.

* On the right side of the first page, a 3x3 inch blank area should be provided for recording data in the upper right corner.

* Below this section, in a minimum 1x3 inch area, the return address should be provided.

* Other margins should be at least an inch at the top of the page and of an inch at the bottom and sides.

* A space and a line should be provided below the return address, and the line should be labeled as "parcel identification number." This is also known as a Tax ID number. If multiple parcels are affected by the instrument, the line below the return address may be used to refer to another area of the instrument where the parcel identification number is located. Sheboygan County follows the "prefix-number" format for the Tax ID numbers. The prefix is determined by the county municipal code. Examples and instructions can be found on the Wisconsin Department
of Revenue webpage.

* On the first page, include a complete legal description of the real property. The legal description should be correct and tractable, and by subdivision name, lot, and block for platted subdivisions. For unplatted lands, the legal description is done by town, range, section, quarter section, and metes and bounds associated with a Public Lands Survey System.

* Signatures must be original, should agree with the names given in the body of the document, and should be notarized/authenticated.

* Print or type names, execution date, and date acknowledged or authenticated, notary public signature, seal, and expiration date; or, authenticator signature and the name of the person who drafted the document.

* If the first page requirements cannot be met, a cover page can be used. The cover page should include a title, name, return address, and parcel identification number.

The Sheboygan County Register of Deeds office does not re-record documents. If corrections need to be made, a new document called a "correction instrument" must be submitted to the Register of Deeds. A correction instrument shall recite the document number of the conveyance, the names of the grantor and grantee, and if given on the conveyance, the volume and page numbers.


Whenever a conveyance is presented to the Register of Deeds for recording, it must be accompanied by a receipt that evidences completion of a Wisconsin Real Estate Transfer form, which must be completed online via the Wisconsin Department of Revenue website. To request the requirements to file the form electronically be waived, contact the Wisconsin Department of Revenue. Both the grantor and grantee (or either's agent) must sign the form.

If the transfer form has not been completed, an exemption number must be present on the document.

Documents will be returned to the return address listed on the document. Real Estate Deeds

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