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Recorder Offices in Orange County

Orange County Comptroller
109 East Church St., Suite 300, Orlando, Florida 32801
7:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday - Friday
Phone: (407) 836-5115
Orange County Comptroller  109 East Church St., Suite 300,  Orlando, Florida, 32801 is providing this information as a courtesy to our visitors. You are NOT on the Orange County official website, you are on, a private website that is not affiliated with any government agency.
Orange County Florida Register of Deeds
Orange County Recorder Information
The recorder in Orange County is responsible for recording and maintaining records related to real property situated in the County.
Recording Fees
The documentary tax stamp is due on total consideration (including cash, any unpaid balance on existing or new mortgages, plus anything having a monetary value).

First page: $10.00
Each additional page: $8.50

For indexing instruments recorded in the official records which contain more than four names, per additional name: $1.00

On real estate conveyance, per $100.00 consideration: $0.70
On obligations to pay money, per $100.00 indebtedness: $0.35
Intangible tax on promissory notes, written obligations to pay money (mortgages, etc.): $0.002 x total
Document Formatting Requirements
In order to record a Real Estate Deed Document in the Official Records of Orange County Florida, the following requirements must be met:

1. Grantors' (Party Giving Title) names legibly printed in the body of the Deed

2. Grantors' mailing address

3. Grantees' (Party Receiving Title) names legibly printed in the body of the Deed

4. Grantees' mailing address

5. Signatures of Grantors

6. Names printed under Grantors' signatures

7. Complete Notary acknowledgment

a. Names being acknowledged

b. Date acknowledgment taken

c. Signature of Notary

d. Name printed under signature

e. Commission expiration date

f. Seal

8. "Prepared by" statement (name and address of the "natural" person preparing the Deed)

9. The Florida Department of Revenue form DR-219, previously required as a condition of recording for any document transferring an interest in real property, no longer exists. It should be noted, however, that Florida law still has the same requirements that a transfer tax of $0.70 per $100 of actual value or consideration be paid at the time of recording. Penalties and interest will be incurred if the correct documentary stamp taxes are not paid at the time of recording.

10. Three-inch square white space on the top right-hand corner of the first page of each document and a one-inch by three-inch square white space on the top right-hand corner of each subsequent page of the document. This space is necessary for us to apply computerized recording information. Your documents will be returned to you, unrecorded, if they do not have sufficient white space.

11. A deed or other conveyance document recorded in the Orange County Official Records with fewer than two subscribing witnesses may not be recognized by the Orange County Property Appraiser's Office as sufficient for tracking ownership changes in the tax roll records (see F.S. 689.01). Therefore, if a deed or other conveyance document is presented to us for recording that does not meet the two-witness requirement, we will first notify the customer of the problem. Nonetheless, if a customer insists on recording a document that does not meet this criteria, we will record the document [statutory authority provided in F.S. 695.03 and F.S. 695.26(1)(c)]. Be aware that we will not refund money to customers for recording a document without two witnesses, and we will not record for free a document, which was modified after being recorded the first time.

12.The names of witnesses printed under witnesses' signatures

Note: These are RECORDING REQUIREMENTS for Real Estate Deeds. There may be other statutory requirements for making a conveyance valid, which are not within the scope

Normally, it takes 7-10 BUSINESS DAYS to record a Deed received by mail. If time is of the essence, you should consider bringing the document into the office and waiting for it to be recorded.

The Orange County Comptroller's Official Records staff cannot help you complete legal forms or provide legal advice of any type. If you have questions about completing forms or the proper method of transferring property, you should consult an attorney or legal advisor.
We may be able to e-record your deed documents in Orange County, Click Here for more information.