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Arizona Lis Pendens

Lis Pendens is Latin, meaning "Suit Pending" In Arizona a Lis Pendens is filed to notify the world that a case/action is pending on a parcel of property. The suit must involve title to the real property. So, if a mechanics lien is filed, should I file a Lis Pendens? No, because it doesn't affect title to real property, After the mechanics lien is adjudicated and a Foreclosure suit begins, then a Lis Pendens should be filed. Sometimes in a divorce, when one spouse solely owns the property. A Lis Pendens is filed to prevent the sale of the house, until the divorce is settled. A Lis Pendens is a very powerful tool, it basically puts a cloud on the title, which makes it very difficult to sell the property, and there are consequences if filed falsely. Without a lawsuit affecting title to real property, you should not file a Lis Pendens.

Formatted to meet Arizona recording requirements with ample space for multiple plaintiffs (person(s) who brings a case against another in a court of law) and defendants. Arizona Lis Pendens Forms Have Been Updated as Recently as Friday February 26, 2021

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