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Arizona Notice of Intent to Suspend Work

Sending a Notice of Intent to Suspend Work for Non-Payment in Arizona

When a prime contractor or property owner fails to make timely payments on accounts on past-due accounts, one option to encourage payment is sending a notice that all further work will be suspended because of non-payment. In Arizona, contractors can use a Notice of Intent to Suspend Work for Non-Payment for that purpose. The Notice is not a statutory form and thus does not have to be recorded, notarized, or verified like other lien documents. There is also no required format and it can take the appearance of an ordinary business correspondence, but there is a preferred layout in an attempt to streamline the process.

The Notice contains the name and address of the property owner or contractor, first and second missed payment due dates, total amount due, and a date on which work will be suspended if the account remains unpaid. Contact information can also be included if the recipient has any questions or wishes to make further arrangements.

This article is provided for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon as a substitute for the advice of an attorney. If you have any questions about sending a Notice of Intent to Suspend Work for Non-Payment, or any other issues related to mechanic's liens, please contact an attorney. Arizona Notice of Intent to Suspend Work Forms Have Been Updated as Recently as Monday March 1, 2021

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Arizona Notice of Intent to Suspend Work Form