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Minnesota Transfer on Death Deed by Married Joint Tenants

In Minnesota, transfer on death deeds are governed by Minn. Stat. 507.071.

While the statute provides a basic form, as well as overall content requirements, the state authorized the development of uniform conveyance documents for some specific situations. Transfer on death deeds are useful estate planning tools for those who wish to pass real estate down to designated beneficiaries, outside of the probate process.

Mistakes or omissions in such deeds can force the property back into the estate and subject it to probate distribution, despite the grantor owner's best intentions. For example, the rules for joint tenants who wish to convey property with a transfer on death deed are found in 507.071, subd. 6. A correctly-completed basic statutory form is effective in many cases, but because joint tenants are often married to one another, and to ensure that all the required information is included, there is a special deed for this circumstance.

This transfer on death deed form is for use ONLY by married grantor owners who hold title as joint tenants.

As with other transfer on death deeds, this form must be executed and RECORDED during the grantor owner's lifetime. Minnesota Transfer on Death Deed by Married Joint Tenants Forms Have Been Updated as Recently as Monday June 11, 2018