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Minnesota Transfer on Death Deed by Unmarried Owner

Transfer on Death Deed by Unmarried Grantor Owner -- Minnesota Form 10.8.1

In Minnesota, transfer on death deeds are governed by Minn. Stat. 507.071.

While the statute provides a basic form, as well as overall content requirements, the state authorized the development of uniform conveyance documents for some specific situations. For example, to add clarity, there is a form specifically designed for use by unmarried grantor owners. A correctly-completed basic statutory form is valid in most cases, but it asks for information that may not apply to a single individual. By providing incorrect or conflicting information, even if it is unnecessary, the grantor owner might inadvertently cause the property to revert to the deceased owner's estate for probate distribution.

This transfer on death deed form is for use ONLY by unmarried grantor owners.

As with other transfer on death deeds, this form must be executed and RECORDED during the grantor owner's lifetime. Minnesota Transfer on Death Deed by Unmarried Owner Forms Have Been Updated as Recently as Monday May 7, 2018