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Nevada Deed of Trust

In Nevada, a Deed of Trust is the most commonly used instrument to secure a loan. Foreclosure can be done non-judicially, saving time and expense. This process is called a Trustee Sale.

There are three parties in this Deed of Trust:
1- The Trustor (Borrower)
2- Beneficiary (Lender) and a
3- Trustee (Neutral Third Party)

Basic Concept. The Trustor (Borrower) conveys property title to a Trustee (Neutral Party). A Trustee or beneficiary/Lender can take an action against any person for damages.

In this Deed of Trust the Trustor/Borrower appoints the Lender as an Attorney in Fact, allowing the lender to prepare, sign, file and record this Deed of Trust, financing statements; any documents of title or registration, or like papers, and to take any other action deemed necessary, useful or desirable by Lender to perfect and preserve Lenders security interest against the rights of interest of third persons. This appointment coupled with stringent default terms makes this Deed of Trust more suitable for parties or investors financing/selling their own homes, rental property and condominiums.

Trustor (Borrower) shall take reasonable care of the Subject Real Property and the buildings Lender has Right to Inspect Subject Real Property
This Document includes Covenants from Nevada Revised Statutes 107.30
In default Deed of Trust follows foreclosure process pursuant to the provisions of Nevada Revised Statutes 40.462. Nevada Deed of Trust Forms Have Been Updated as Recently as Wednesday April 8, 2020

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Nevada Deed of Trust Form