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New Hampshire Notice to Construction Lender

Proving Notice to Construction Lender in New Hampshire

Construction liens are governed by Chapter 447 of the New Hampshire Statutes.

Pursuant to New Hampshire RSA 447:12-b, II, any person entitled to a lien under RSA 447 shall, within fifteen (15) business days of the posting of the notice identifying the construction lender or of commencing to furnish services, materials, supplies or other things, whichever is later, provide written notice, via USPS Certified Mail with return receipt, to the institution providing the construction funds.

The notice states that such person is furnishing services, materials, supplies or other things necessary for the project. It identifies the parties, lists relevant dates, and includes the name and address of the job site. Failure to provide the notice required by this paragraph shall not alone invalidate the lien created by RSA 447:2-7. Id.

This article is offered for informational purposes only and is not legal advice. This information should not be relied upon as a substitute for speaking with an attorney. Please speak with an attorney familiar with lien laws for questions regarding required notifications to a construction lender or any other issues related to liens in New Hampshire. New Hampshire Notice to Construction Lender Forms Have Been Updated as Recently as Tuesday January 22, 2019

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