Oregon Special Power of Attorney for the Purchase of Property

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This is a Special Power of Attorney in which the first party, Principal authorizes a second Party, Attorney-in-fact, to purchase a certain property on your behalf. In this power of attorney, you are empowering your agent to perform every act necessary and requisite to negotiate, agree to and consummate, on whatever terms your Attorney in Fact deems appropriate, the purchase and financing for the purchase of the real property described within. This Power of Attorney (i) shall not be affected by the disability of the principal (ii) shall be governed, as to its validity, terms and enforcement, by those laws of the State of Oregon that apply to instruments negotiated, executed, delivered and performed solely within the State of Oregon. Further powers can be defined or limited in the "Special Instructions" area of the form.

When would you need a Special Power of Attorney for the purchase of real property? For example, a person might use this form to purchase a property in the State of Oregon by delegating authority to another person to handle the transaction locally.

(Oregon SPOA-Purchase Package includes form, guidelines, and completed example)

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