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When an action that has been commenced and affects title to real property, any party to the case may file a Lis Pendens. Once recorded the Lis Pendens gives (constructive notice to a purchaser or encumbrancer of the) subject (property). (Every person) who subsequently purchases or encumbrances the subject property, (shall be bound by all proceedings taken after the filing of such notice to the same extent as if he or she were a party to the action.) (RCW 4.28.320) A Lis Pendens is not a lien but in effect acts like one, because of the fear of being bound to the results of the legal proceedings.

Such Lis Pendens shall contain:
(the names of the parties)
(the object of the action and)
(a description of the real property in that county affected thereby) (RCW 4.28.320) Washington Lis Pendens Forms Have Been Updated as Recently as Wednesday September 23, 2020

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Maria S. said: The paperwork/forms are fine, but there isn't enough explanation for me to figure out how to file the extra forms (which I do need in my case). The main form, Deed Upon Death is fine. I think the price is pretty high for these forms. I wouldn't have purchased it because there are places to get them for much cheaper (about 6 dollars), but this site had the extra forms I wanted (property in a trust and another form). Unfortunately these were included as a "courtesy" and there are no instructions for them. So three stars for being clear about what was in the package, having the right forms that I need, but instructions for putting them to use and price took a couple of stars off. Downloading was easy and once you download you can type the info into the PDF--that makes working with the forms much easier.

Reply from Staff: Thank you for the feedback Maria. Regarding the supplement documents, it is best to get assistance from the agency that requires them. These are not legal documents, they should provide full support and guidance for them.

Rita M. said: Forget what I just wrote! I found it. Thank You! This is a very convenient service.

Reply from Staff: That's great to hear Rita, thanks for following up.

Edward S. said: I was able to e-record 3 document with ease. The Middlesex registry of deeds is closed due to COVID-19 and this was my only option. Even if it was open, this is much faster and saves me time and money on parking ..etc. Great services.

Reply from Staff: Thank you!

Sara D. said: Would have been beneficial to have more information about the previous sale history of the property. The report was received in a very timely manner.

Reply from Staff: Thank you for your feedback. We really appreciate it. Have a great day!

Dreama R. said: Awesome! I had to correct a quit claim deed and the form on your site made it very easy. Thank you

Reply from Staff: We appreciate your business and value your feedback. Thank you. Have a wonderful day!

Mark R. said: Easy and simple to understand, had no trouble with the transaction or the forms. Recorded on the first try, not something that happens very often.

Reply from Staff: Great to hear that Mark. have an awesome day!

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