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Juneau Borough, Alaska

Recorder Offices

Juneau District Office

400 Willoughby Ave, 3rd Floor / PO Box 111013, Juneau, Alaska 99801 / 99811-1013

8:00 to 3:30 M-F

Phone: (907) 465-2514

Register of Deeds

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Alaska - Juneau Borough Recorder Information

The State Recorder's Office is part of the Department of Natural Resources and administers the statewide recording system. It consists of 34 separate recording districts serviced by a total of 5 separate offices located throughout Alaska.

The recorder in Juneau is responsible for maintaining property records in the district of Juneau, which includes Juneau Borough, parts of Yakutat Borough, Skagway and Hoonah-Angoon Census Area.

A small area on the southern end of Hoonah-Angoon belongs to Petersburg district, served by the Ketchikan Office.

District boundaries do not always correspond to those of the boroughs. A list of communities in each district is available on the website of the Alaska Department of Natural Resources.

Recording Fees

Make checks payable to Department of Natural Resources.

For recording all documents: first page* or fraction thereof : $20.00
Each additional page or fraction thereof (same instrument): $5.00

For indexing each name or claim name over six: $2.00

Non-standard document fee: $50.00

For recording plats or surveys:
First sheet: $20.00
Each additional sheet same plat (affidavits, tax status, etc. submitted with initial filing of plat-no charge): $5.00

Certification fee, per document: $5.00

For conforming a copy of any recorded instrument at time of recording**: $2.00

For copying any document by photocopy process:
First page or fraction thereof: $1.25
Each additional page or fraction thereof (same instrument): $0.25

Copy of plats, full scale on paper, each sheet: $3.00
Copy of plats, full scale on mylar, each sheet: $10.00

*Reference to "page" means one side of sheet; double sided sheets are two pages.
**At the time of recording, a conformed copy is $2.00. Any copy made after that time will be charged $1.25 for the first page and $0.25 for each additional page of same document.

Document Formatting Requirements

- Documents must be submitted on opaque white paper stock no larger than 8.5 x 14 inches. Typing or printing must be no smaller than 10 point.

- There must be a 2 inch margin at the top of the first page and 1 inch margins on all other sides and pages.

- A title that reflects the overall intent must be on the first page of the document, below the 2 inch top margin. If a title contains multiple functions, it is indexed under only the first function listed, unless the submitting party requests that it be recorded for multiple functions and pays the additional fees.

- Documents must be sufficiently legible and clear (no broken characters, or severe light and dark sections in text).

- The parties and legal description(s) to be indexed must be clearly identified on the document. All required indexing information is to be in English.

- Indicate the recording district in which the document is to be recorded. This must be clearly stated on the document. In Juneau, the document would be labeled "Juneau Recording District."

- A return address should be provided. This should state the name and complete address of the person to whom the document should be returned after recording. If the return address information is in a cover letter, the cover letter will be recorded with the document, provided the requisite fee is included. Failure to clearly identify the "return to" information will result in non-acceptance of the document. The "return to" information should not be placed in the margins of the document.

- Documents must be signed and all signatures must be originals. Conveyances, powers of attorney, contracts for sale, purchases of real property, and options for the purchase of real property must also be acknowledged.

- Deeds must contain the complete mailing addresses of all persons who grant or acquire an interest in real property.

- Any document that amends, corrects, extends, modifies, assigns, or releases a previously recorded document must contain the book and page or serial number reference of the prior recording.

- Copies of governmental or court documents must be certified by the appropriate agency in order to be eligible for recording.

- If a document includes a legal description, the legal description must be complete enough that a particular parcel can be geographically located and identified. A legal description is sufficient for purposes of recording if it contains, at minimum, a section, township, range, and meridian designation, or in the cases of subdivided property, the lot, block, subdivision name, or plat number of the parcel.

A warranty deed for the conveyance of land may be substantially in the following form, without express covenants:

"The grantor (here insert the name or names and place of residence) for and in consideration of (here insert consideration) in hand paid, conveys and warrants to (here insert the grantee's name or names) the following described real estate (here insert description), located in the State of Alaska.
Dated this . . . . . . . . . . day of . . . . . ., 2. . . . . ." Real Estate Deeds

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