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Dupage County, Illinois

Recorder Offices

DuPage County Recorder - Jack T. Knuepfer Admin. Bldg.

421 North County Farm Road, Wheaton, Illinois 60187

8:00am to 4:30pm M-F

Phone: (630) 407-5400

Register of Deeds

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Illinois - Dupage County Recorder Information

The County Clerk and Recorder is responsible for maintaining property records in Dupage County.

Recording Fees

Standard documents, for the first four (4) pages: $40.00
Each additional page: $1.00
Each additional document number therein noted: $1.00

Non-standard documents (not 8 1/2 x 11), first four pages: $52.00
Each additional page: $2.00

Per page: $0.50
Certification: $5.00

Visa, Mastercard, check or money order (to DuPage County Recorder), or cash accepted.
Return Check Fee: $25

County recording fees are subject to change without notice. We recommend to contact the local recorder's office to verify this information.

Document Formatting Requirements

Real property documents for property located in DuPage County are recorded at the County Recorder’s office, located on the first floor of the Jack T. Knuepfer Administration Building, 421 N. County Farm Road in Wheaton, IL 60187. The office is open from 8am-4:30 pm, M-F.

For any instrument that affects real property, the permanent parcel number, which is a ten-digit tax identification number, must be included in the instrument. Also, the document needs to include the street address of the property described in the instrument. Third, any instrument submitted for filing should contain a legal description of the property, if the property description is an essential part of the instrument.

Deeds or trust documents submitted for recordation in DuPage County must be accompanied by an Illinois Department of Revenue Real Estate Transfer Declaration or a Statement of Exemption. The Real Estate Transfer Declaration is supplied by the County Recorder.

When preparing a document in DuPage County, be sure to include the correct return name and address so that the document can be properly returned after it has been recorded. If a document refers to another previously recorded document, the recorder’s document number should be listed. For instance, if the instrument being recorded or filed is a release of a mortgage, the recorder’s document number of that mortgage must be given. If the document refers to other documents, the book and page number of the referenced documents must also be given.

For documents affecting title to real estate, the name and address of the person who prepared and drafted the instrument must be legibly printed, typewritten, or stamped on the face of the document. An instrument will comply with this requirement if it contains a statement in substantially the following form:
This instrument was prepared by

Documents should be prepared on 8.5x11 inch paper, and should not be bound. The document should be in black ink, either typed or hand-written. Margins should be one half-inch on the top, sides, and bottom. Only non-essential information should be contained in the margins (non-essential information includes form numbers, page numbers, and customer notations). The first page of the document should contain a blank space that measures at least 3x5 inches from the upper right corner. The document should not include any stapled or otherwise affixed attachments.