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Recorder Office Locations

Labette County Register of Deeds
501 Merchant St, Oswego, Kansas 67356
8:00 to 5:00 M-F
Phone: (620) 795-2138

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Labette County Kansas Register of Deeds

Labette County Recorder Information

The Register of Deeds is responsible for recording and maintaining real property records in Labette County.

Recording Fees

Deeds, mortgages, or other instruments of writing:
first page (not to exceed legal size page 8 ½" x 14") - $18.00
second page and each additional page or fraction thereof - $14.00

Release or assignment of real estate mortgage:
first page - $17.00
second page and each additional page - $4.00

Certificate, certifying any instrument of record: $10.00

Acknowledgment of signature: $9.50

Town plats, per page: $29.00

To assure that fees are current, contact the local office directly.
Document Formatting Requirements
• In order to be recorded, a document must be notarized. Originals or certified copies may be submitted for recording. Signatures in the document must be originals. Corresponding names should be printed or typed beneath signatures.

• The document must be of sufficient legibility to produce a clear and legible reproduction.

• Use letter size (8.5x11 inches) white paper and black ink with a font size of at least 12 point.

• All schedules and exhibits accompanying the document should be clearly identified and labeled.

• A 3-inch top margin on the first page is required. This is for the registry stamp. All other margins should be at least 1 inch.

• Immediately below the top margin on the first page, provide a document title.

• The grantor and grantee should be identified in the document.

• The name and address of the individual who prepared the document should be given on the first page.

• Include a return name and address on the first page so that the document can be returned after recording.

• Provide a legal description for the real property being conveyed. This can be on the document or included as an exhibit. City descriptions include a lot, block, and addition or subdivision name. Boundaries indicated by a metes and bounds description should include section, township, and range. If a previously recorded instrument is referenced, the reference book and page should be included.

Deeds require a one-part Sales Validation Questionnaire form. A completed Kansas Real Estate Sales Validation Questionnaire should be submitted with each deed presented for recording. If the document is exempt, this exemption must be clearly stated on the deed. The Validation Questionnaire, along with a list of exemptions, can be found on the Kansas Registers of Deeds website. The grantor or grantee should complete this form.

The Sales Validation Questionnaire can be obtained from the Labette County Recorder, or online at the Kansas Registers of Deeds website.

Effect of Recording:
Kansas has a notice statute recording act. A later buyer who pays fair value for property and does not have notice of any earlier conflicting interests, wins and will have priority over any later recordings.
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