Blair County, Pennsylvania - Recorder Information

Register of Deeds

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The primary function of the Recorder of Deeds office is to record and maintain documents pertaining to real property in Blair County, Pennsylvania. Deeds, mortgages, and easements are among the many documents recorded in the office. The Recorder of Deeds also collects realty transfer taxes for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, local municipalities, and school districts.

Recording Fees

If a fee is not specified, it will be determined by the Recorder of Deeds.


* Deeds claiming exemption from Realty Transfer Tax must have two (2) statements of value attached to the deed.
* All Deeds, Mortgages and Assignments must have a signed certificate of residence that is the precise address of the Grantee/Mortgagee/Assignee.
* No Blanket Assignments, Releases, or Satisfactions accepted.

Affidavit - $18.50
Agreement - $18.50
Agricultural Security Agreement - $18.50
Article of Agreement - $58.75
Assignment of Lease - $18.50
Assignment of Mortgage - $60.75
Assignment of Rents & Leases - $18.50
Award of Real Estate - $58.75*
*(must have Statement of Value)

Bill of Sale - $18.50
Certifications - $2.00
Copies (In office) - $0.25
Copies (mailed/emailed) per page - $1.00
Declaration of Covenants & Restrictions - $18.50
Declaration of Taking - $58.75
Decree Of Distribution - $58.75*
*(must have Statement of Value)

Deed - $86.75
Easement/Right of Way - $58.75
Election - $18.50
Financing Statements (UCC) - $100.00
Highway Plans $18.00 (First Page)*
* each Additional Page $3.00

Installment Sales (purchase) Agmt - $58.75
Leases less than 30 years - $18.50
Leases for a term of 30 yrs or more - $58.75
Modification of Mortgage - $20.50
Mortgage - $86.75
Notary Public Bond, Oath & Commission - $38.50
Notice of Condemnation - $58.75
Order of Court - $20.50
Ordinances - $18.50
Power of Attorney - $18.50
Release of Leases - $18.50
Release of Leases & Rents - $18.50
Release of Mortgage - $60.75
Revocation - $18.50
Satisfaction by Order of Court - $63.75
Satisfaction Pieces - $63.75
Sewage Permit - $18.50
Subdivision Plans $30.00 (First Page)*
*each additional page $10.00

Subordination of Mortgage (Release of Priority) - $20.50
Surveys/Plans - $10.00 (First Page)*
*each additional page $5.00

Veterans Discharge - No Charge to record or for certified copies. (Thank you for your service)
Waiver - $18.50

If a deed is claiming exemption from the realty transfer tax, it must have two Statements of Value attached to the deed.

Certifications - $2.00
Copies (In office) - $0.25
Copies (mailed) per page - $1.00

Please make all checks payable to "Anita L. Terchanik, Recorder of Deeds."

If a fee is not specified, one will be determined by the Register of Deeds. Checks can be made payable to "Mary Ann Bennis, Recorder of Deeds." All documents require a self-addressed stamped envelope of appropriate size in order to be returned.

Contact the Blair County Recorder of Deeds directly if you have questions about recording fees, transfer taxes, or other questions about recording in general.

Document Formatting Requirements

* Submit a legible document for recordation so that a clear copy can be read without magnification after it is imaged. If any areas of the document are highlighted, they will not show up when the document is scanned. If a document contains highlighting, it will be rejected.

* The maximum size page accepted is 8.5 x 14 inches, while the minimum is 8.5 x 11 inches. Use black ink in a font size of at least 10 point. Margins should be a minimum of 1 inch and should be clear of markings. All signatures and initials in the document must be original and in dark ink suitable for imaging.

* Documents will be deemed unacceptable for recording without the proper PIN certification stamp and seal of the Blair County Assessment Office. The fee for the PIN certification should be included in fees presented for recording. Contact the Blair County Recorder of Deeds for more detailed information.

* All documents presented for recording should set forth the correct municipality and clearly state whether it is a city, township, or borough. A list of cities, townships, and boroughs is available on the Blair County Recorder of Deeds website.

* All deeds and mortgages must have a Certificate of Residence that states the precise address of the grantee or mortgagee. The Certificate of Residence must be signed by the grantee or by someone acting on their behalf. This will be recorded with the deed.

* The acknowledgment date must not pre-date the date of execution shown on the document. These two dates (execution and acknowledgment) must conform to each other.

* Include a formal acknowledgment ("sworn and subscribed" is not sufficient) by a notary public which must include the following: state, county, date, name of individual, corporate or authorized officer appearing, notary signature, notary stamp (where applicable), and expiration date.

* All mortgages presented for recording must have the signature of the holder, owner, or assignee on any mortgage presented for recording. The document should contain the full name, residence (including street number), and the address of the holder, owner, or assignee.

* The consideration stated must be total and complete. The required written amount must match the numerical amount. If the consideration is not stated in total on the face of the document, it must be stated on the Statement of Value form, which needs to be submitted with the deed. If claiming an exemption from realty transfer taxes, the reason for the exemption must be stated on the document or on the Statement of Value.

* When submitting subsequently related documents, include proper references for the previously recorded documents. This may include docket numbers, book and page numbers, instrument numbers and/or recording dates.

* Multiple documents constituting one transaction must clearly indicate the order of recording. Any re-recording expenses resulting from an improper order of recording will be paid by the party submitting the documents.

* To re-record a document, the original recording page must be attached. The document must contain an explanation for the re-recording. It must be re-executed and re-acknowledged.

* A foreign language document must include a written English translation to be recorded along with the original.


All deeds must be accompanied by transfer taxes (if applicable) and a Statement of Value form, when required. If this form is required, it must be fully completed. Transfer taxes are 2% of the value of the property being conveyed.

Any transfer that involves more than one municipality must stipulate the division of transfer taxes applicable to each municipality.

In most sales agreements, the transfer tax is split between the buyer and the seller. The new owner is responsible if questions arise over the amount of tax paid.


A Statement of Value is needed when (1) the full value/consideration is not set forth in the deed, (2) the deed is without consideration or by gift, or (3) a tax exemption is claimed. Any deed claiming exemption from realty transfer taxes must have two statements of value attached.

A Statement of Value is not needed if the transfer is wholly exempt from tax based on familial relationship or public utility easement.

The form of a deed conveying or releasing lands may be in the following words:

Made the year two thousand ............. between..... (here insert name or names and residence of grantor or grantors) and (here insert name or names and residence of grantee or grantees);
Witnesseth, that in consideration of .... dollars paid in hand, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, the said grantor do hereby grant and convey (or release and quitclaim) to the said grantee, all ... (Here give location and description of property conveyed and released, with recital of title if desired) ....... (If there are reservations, exceptions, or special conditions, insert those here.) ........... (If there are covenants of general or special warranty, insert same here).
In witness thereof, the said grantor has hereunto set ............. hand, the day and year first above written.
Signed and delivered in the presence of................