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Utah - Juab County Recorder Information

The Juab County Recorder is the custodian of all land ownership records for the county. The County Recorder receives, indexes, codes, and stores legal documents pertaining to real estate to make them available to the public. Most documents are returned 7-10 business days after recording.

Recording Fees

Proper fees must accompany the document. For those not certain of the fees that will be assessed, a "not to exceed" check can be sent. If proper fees are not submitted (too little or too much), the document will be returned unrecorded. A minimum charge of $2 will apply towards documents returned in this way.

To record the first page of an instrument (not to exceed 8.5x11 inches), the fee is $10. Each additional page is $2. If the back of any page has printing on it, this will also be $2.

Each additional description in a document or right of way is $1. Any description containing the words "together with, subject to, also, or excepting" will count as an additional description.

Each additional name after the first two (of the first or second party) to be indexed is $1.

A non-conforming document is an additional $2 per page.

A Real Estate Settlement and Procedure Act document will be $14 for a deed of conveyance, regardless of the page count. A RESPA deed of trust will be $40, regardless of the page count.

A certificate under seal will be $5 per document. Copies of documents of record will be $1 per page.

Most documents are returned in 7 to 10 business days after recording.

Document Formatting Requirements

* Submit original documents containing original signatures for recording.

* A document must be legible and of adequate quality to be microfilmed and scanned. Individual pages should be 8.5 x 11 inches. Pages cannot be larger than 8.5 14 inches, unless they are for an annexation or subdivision plat map. A page size of 8.5 x 14 inches may result in extra fees.

* Print or typing should be in black ink, in a standard font, and a size of at least 9 point.

* The grantor must sign the document and must have his/her signature notarized.

* Provide a document title on the first page. This should briefly explain the nature of the recordable transaction.

* Provide adequate room in the top margin on the right hand side of the first page for recording data. This space can be 4.5 x 2.5 inches. All other margins should be at least 1 inch.

* If the document affects real property, there must be a complete legal description and parcel number of the property included on the document. An address is not an adequate legal description.

* Corresponding names must be typed or printed underneath signatures. Signatures are to be acknowledged as a prerequisite for recording.

* A tax statement mailing address must be provided on the first page. A PO Box is required for cities that do not have street delivery, specifically Eureka, Mona, Levan, Rocky Ridge, and Callao Trout Creek Area.

* If a person submits a document for recording that is subject to and complies with the Real Estate Settlement and Procedure Act, 12 U.S.C. Sec. 2601 et seq. for a residential property described in Subsection (4)(a), the person shall notify the county recorder by including the word "RESPA" in at least 16 point font on the front page of each document. The County Recorder may use the RESPA fees but is not required to refund a fee or change a fee amount shown on a recorded RESPA document.


If submitting a deed that conveys a fee simple title to land or if conveying water rights without conveying title to land, a water rights addendum must be included with the deed when it is presented for recording.

A water rights addendum identifies and describes the water rights that are transferred under an applicable deed or states that no water rights are transferred under the applicable deed.

The grantor is required to complete and sign the water rights addendum. The grantee should sign the addendum to acknowledge receipt. The grantee's signature can be a facsimile or done by electronic means.