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Washington - Skagit County Recorder Information

The Recording Department of the County Auditor is responsible for recording and maintaining real property records in Skagit County.

Recording Fees

First Page $74.00
First Page -- State, County, City Liens & Releases 34.00
Each additional page 1.00

Deed of Trust 75.00
Employment Security Lien or Release 31.00
Birth, Death, Marriage or Divorce records 34.00
Appointment of Trustee; Substitution of Trustee; Resignation & Appointment of Trustee; Assignment of Deed of Trust 16.00
Federal Tax Lien (Includes Release) 148.00
Each additional page 1.00

Multiple Transaction Documents -- Legal Size or Less. A document which performs the same transaction type multiple times will be charged individually per action.
First Transaction (exceptions listed above)
Each Additional Transaction 74.00
Each additional page 1.00

Emergency Non-Standard Fees
Documents that do not meet the margin requirements may be recorded with an "Emergency Non-Standard" cover sheet. These fees are in addition to regular recording fees.
Emergency Non-Standard fee $50.00
Emergency Non-Standard cover sheet $1.00
A three (3) page Deed with 1/2 inch margins on all sides would require the Emergency Non-Standard cover sheet. With the cover sheet the Deed is now four (4) pages. The Deed would be charged $124.00 for the first page and $3.00 for the additional pages. Total $127.00

Certified copy (first page) 3.00
Each additional page 1.00
Copies (per page) 1.00
Map Copy Certified (first page) 7.00
Map Copy (first page) 5.00
Each additional map page 5.00

Document Formatting Requirements

* Photocopies will not be accepted. Original documents should be submitted for recording. Use paper that is of a weight and color capable of producing a legible image. Paper should not be larger than 8.5 x 14 inches and text should not be smaller than 8 point font.

* Every deed should be in writing, signed by the parties bound by it, and acknowledged by the person executing it. The names appearing on all documents proved or acknowledged according to law, should be hand printed, printed, or typewritten so as to be legible. The county auditor will index documents in accordance with the hand printed, printed, or typed names appearing on the document.

* Any deed, contract, or mortgage of real estate described by lot and block and addition or plat, will not be filed or recorded until the plat of such addition has been filed for record.

* When submitting an instrument for recordation, provide a top margin of at least 3 inches on the first page. Bottom and side margins should be at least 1 inch.

* On the left side of the first-page top margin, provide the name and address to whom the instrument will be returned.

* At the top of the first page, below the 3-inch top margin, an instrument title should be given. The auditor or recording officer is required only to index the title (or titles) captioned on the document.

* If applicable, provide reference numbers of documents assigned or released with reference to the document page number where additional references can be found.

* The names of the grantor(s) and grantee(s) should be given on the first page. If additional names appear in the document, provide the document page number where the additional names can be found.

* An abbreviated legal description of the real property should be listed on the first page. For this purpose, "abbreviated" means lot, block, plat, or section, township, range, and quarter/quarter section. Also, provide a reference to the document page number where the full legal description is located.

* The assessor's property tax parcel number or account number should be set forth separately from the legal description or other text.

* The information provided on the first page must be in substantially the following order:
This space provided for recorder's use
When recorded, return to:_____________________
Document Title(s)
Legal description
Assessor's property tax parcel or account number
Reference numbers of documents assigned or released

If a document does not contain the required information, the person preparing the instrument should provide a cover sheet that contains the required information. The cover sheet should be attached to the instrument and recorded as part of it. An additional page fee will apply to the cover sheet. The cover sheet information will be used to generate the grantor/grantee index; however, the names and legal description in the instrument itself will be used to determine the chain of title.

The auditor or recording officer will rely on the information in the cover sheet and will not read the document to verify the accuracy or completeness of the indexing information provided herein.

If a document does not meet margin and font requirements but needs to be recorded immediately, it can be recorded for an additional fee of $50, plus regular recording fees. Documents not meeting legibility requirements must be recorded as nonstandard. A person preparing a document that does not meet requirements must sign a statement that is to be attached to the document. The statement should read substantially as follows: "I am requesting an emergency non-standard recording for an additional fee as provided in RCW 36.18.010. I understand that the recording processing requirements may cover up or otherwise obscure some part of the text of the original document."