Real Estate Deeds

Michigan Warranty Deed with Enhanced Life Estate

A warranty deed with enhanced life estate is sometimes referred to as a ladybird deed. When correctly executed and recorded, this deed provides the structure for a non-testamentary transfer of real property. Leaving the real property out of a will allows the transfer to occur without the need for probate.

The grantor conveys the real estate back to herself, but reserves a life estate with full power to sell, mortgage, change the beneficiary, or otherwise use the property with no penalty for waste or obligation to inform the beneficiary. When the grantor dies, the property rights, if still available, transfer to the default beneficiary.

To finalize the conveyance, the beneficiary must file a property transfer affidavit within 45 days of the grantor's death. Submit the form to the assessor's office located in the same county as the real estate. Michigan Warranty Deed with Enhanced Life Estate Forms Have Been Updated as Recently as Tuesday May 22, 2018