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Mississippi Specific Power of Attorney for the Sale of Property

In this form the principle appoints an Attorney in Fact/Agent and empowers him/her to perform in any and all legal documents for the sole purpose of Selling a specific property that is located in Mississippi.

87-3-3. Conveyances by attorney in fact.
Conveyances of land, or contracts relating thereto, executed by an attorney in fact for his principal, and duly acknowledged or proved, shall have the same force and effect as if executed and acknowledged by the principal; and where a conveyance by an attorney is in execution of letters of attorney, so acknowledged or proved and recorded, it shall pass the interest of the principal though not formally executed in his name.

Universal Citation: MS Code 87-3-9 (2016)
"Know all, that I, George Poindexter, of county, Mississippi, do hereby appoint Albert Brown, of county, my attorney in fact, with full power to sell and convey in fee simple, with general warranty [or without warranty, as the case may be] of title, that land situated in [describe it].
"Witness my signature, the of , A. D. .
"George Poindexter."

and to execute, acknowledge and deliver any and all documents, and to do any and all things on my behalf, including, but not limited to, the execution of deeds, notes, mortgages, personal guarantees and any other instrument or agreement of any kind or nature whatsoever in connection therewith, and affecting the SALE of the described real property

This Specific Power of Attorney is Durable and will not terminate upon the disability or incapacity of the principle. This power of attorney shall terminate immediately upon the satisfactory closing of the identified property. Mississippi Specific Power of Attorney for the Sale of Property Forms Have Been Updated as Recently as Thursday August 22, 2019

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Mississippi Specific Power of Attorney for the Sale of Property Form