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New Hampshire Final Lien Waiver

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Mechanic's liens are governed under Chapter 447 of New Hampshire Statutes.

A waiver is a knowing relinquishment of a right. In this case, the person granting the waiver is relinquishing the right to seek a mechanic's lien for all or part of the amount due for work completed, or to be completed. This assurance is usually enough to induce the other party to pay.

Use the Final Lien Waiver when a final payment has been made (and cleared by the bank) and the potential lien claimant has no valid reason to maintain a right to a lien. A valid waiver identifies the parties, the location where the work or improvement took place, and relevant dates and payment amounts. It also sets forth any restrictions or limitations on the waiver of lien rights. Deliver the completed form to the property owner.

This article is provided for informational purposes only and is not legal advice. Please contact an attorney with questions about lien waivers or any other issues related to New Hampshire mechanic's lien laws.

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