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Ohio Quit Claim Deed Form

The grantor to a quitclaim deed in Ohio must sign and have his or her signature acknowledged before someone who is authorized to take acknowledgments in the state. The grantor's marital status should also be listed after their name in the words of conveyance (5301.01). When a survey is made of lands that are to be conveyed, county auditors in Ohio require that the name of the person who made the survey is given on the quitclaim deed. The Ohio Revised Code lists additional requirements for recording a quitclaim deed. Further, those requirements can also be found in the Ohio section on this website.

The act of recording a quitclaim deed allows it to operate as constructive notice to all persons, including a subsequent good faith purchaser or any other subsequent holder of an interest in the property (ORC 5301.01). Until a quitclaim deed is recorded in the county where the property is situated, it is not valid as to a later bona fide purchaser who, at the time of purchase, is not aware of the existence of the former deed, land contract, or instrument. Ohio Quit Claim Deed Forms Have Been Updated as Recently as Thursday February 8, 2018