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Oklahoma Request for Waiver of Lien

Requesting a Lien Waiver in Oklahoma

Sometimes it's necessary for a property owner to request a lien waiver from a contractor in exchange for paying the contractor any amount owed. With a waiver, contractors agree to give up their rights to file a lien against the title for any outstanding balance due.

A property owner may request that a contractor provide the owner with a lien waiver from each and every person who performed labor or furnished materials for the improvement of the property. The request form identifies the parties, the project's location, and relevant dates. Deliver the request via a US Mail service with delivery confirmation.

Failure to provide lien waivers from these parties may allow the property owner to withhold payment to the contractor in the amount of any unpaid claims for labor or materials.

This article is provided for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon as a substitute for the advice from a legal professional. Please contact an Oklahoma attorney with any questions about requesting a lien waiver from a contractor. Oklahoma Request for Waiver of Lien Forms Have Been Updated as Recently as Friday March 15, 2019

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Oklahoma Request for Waiver of Lien Form