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South Carolina Lis Pendens Release

Cancellation Notice of Lis Pendens

Under certain conditions, the Court may order that a Lis Pendens be cancelled (by the clerk of any county in whose office the notice was filed or recorded.) A Lis Pendens can also be cancelled by the person who filed it, at (any time after the action has been settled, discontinued, abated, or dismissed by a court of law by the submission of a written notice of cancellation to the clerk of court of each county in which a notice was filed or recorded.) SECTION 15-11-40. South Carolina Lis Pendens Release Forms Have Been Updated as Recently as Wednesday October 30, 2019

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Roger M. said: Great package it was nice to be able to get everything required for recording this deed in one place.

Reply from Staff: Thanks Roger, we appreciate your feedback.

Patricia C. said: Only source I could find. Wasn't sure if I needed same certificate from each state and site had me checkout separately for each. Good way to keep you customer paying up. Just hope what I received is acceptable.

Reply from Staff: Thank you!

Deborah C. said: I would recommend these forms to others.

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Cherene K. said: The process was easy and reasonable. My only problem was that, when I filled out my form on the computer, the writing I did overlapped with the pre-written words on the form, so that I had to end up doing it by hand. I've used DEEDS before and have not had that problem.

Reply from Staff: Thank you for your feedback Cherene. We've emailed you for some followup regarding the issue you reported.

Philip B. said: Pleased with the results, except for the "notice of confidentiality rights" above the QUIT CLAIM DEED headline. Is it needed to be included on the form or can it be removed ? How can it be removed, I do not see a reason for it to be on the print out copy. Thank you.

Reply from Staff: Thank you!

Donna J. said: what do you do with it once filled out. doesn't tell you

Reply from Staff: Generally, once the documents are completed and executed they are recorded with the recorder where the property is located.

South Carolina Lis Pendens Release Form