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Minnesota - Carver County Recorder Information

Minnesota has registered land as well as abstract. Registered land and unregistered land are subject to the same burdens and incidents. Documents to be recorded in the abstract department or the Torrens department can be taken to the Office of Property Records.

Recording Fees

Abstract Department:
To record an abstract document, the fee is $46.
Multiple satisfactions, partial releases, and assignments are $46 with 4 document citations or fewer. There is an additional $10 for each document cited after the first 4.
A Well Disclosure Statement is $50.

Torrens Department:
An Original Certificate of Title or first CPT is $46 plus assurance fund fees.
A Document Transferring Certificate is $46 and $20 for each additional certificate.
A Well Disclosure Certificate is $50.

On all deeds and mortgages where state deed tax and state mortgage registry taxes are due, there is also a state mandated $5 agricultural preservation fee. This fee should be included in either the state deed tax or state mortgage registry tax fee and not in the recording fee.

A Recording Charge slip can be obtained from the Carver County website. This can be mailed in with documents.

Copy of document $1 per page
Certified Copy $10.00 per document (Flat fee)

Document Formatting Requirements

* A document consists of one or more individual sheets on paper that is 8.5 x 11 inches or 8.5 x 14 inches. Paper should be white and at least 20 pound weight.

* The form of the document should be printed, typewritten, or computer generated in a font size that is a minimum of 8 point. Black ink should be used.

* On the first page, a blank 3-inch top margin should be provided. The right half of this margin is reserved for recording information. The left half is reserved for tax certification. Other margins should be at least .5 of an inch.

* The title of the document should be displayed on the first page, below the 3-inch margin.

* An administrative page can be attached to the document in order to accommodate the margin requirements. If an administrative page is used, it should contain the document title, the document date, and if applicable, the grantor and grantee. This page will be considered part of the document when recorded.

* A document must contain original signatures of the parties who executed it and of the notary public or other officer taking acknowledgment.

* No additional sheet shall be attached or affixed to any page that covers up any information.

* A document presented for recording must be sufficiently legible to reproduce a readable copy using the county recorder's current method of reproduction.

* The name and address of the preparer of the instrument is required. This can be given in the following form: "This instrument was drafted by NAME and ADDRESS."

* The name and address of the person to whom tax statements should be sent should be printed, typed, or stamped upon the instrument in a legible manner. This can be given in the following form: "Tax statements for the real property described in this instrument should be sent to (legal name of grantee) (residential or business address)."

* The total consideration should be listed in the document, as well as a legal description.

THE NEW eCRV: As of October 2014, transfer deeds require submission of an electronic Certificate of Real Estate Value (CRV).
* Submitters fill in the online eCRV form and receive an eCRV ID number.
* They must reference this eCRV ID number when presenting the deed to the county.
* Counties view eCRV data online, verify, and add additional information. They may also download or upload data as needed.
* Paper copies are no longer accepted.

WELL DISCLOSURE CERTIFICATE: Prior to signing an agreement to sell or transfer real property, the seller must always disclose in writing (well disclosure statement) the location and status of all wells on the property to the buyer, along with the legal description and county of the property, and a sketch map showing the location of each well or indicate there are no wells on the property.

A Well Disclosure Certificate form can be obtained under supplemental forms on this site or from the Minnesota Department of Health website; it can be filed electronically or in person. The certificate number must be stated on the transfer document.