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Recorder Office Locations

Ramsey County Recorder
90 West Plato Blvd., St. Paul, Minnesota 55107
8:00am to 4:30pm.M-F
Phone: (651) 266-2000
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Ramsey County Minnesota Register of Deeds

Ramsey County Recorder Information

The recorder in Ramsey County is responsible for recording and maintaining records related to real property situated in the County.

Recording Fees

To record a document, regardless of whether it pertains to registered or unregistered land, the fee is $46. Additional pages of a document do not result in additional fees.

A county recorder will charge $50 to record a well disclosure certificate.

Deed tax is calculated on the purchase price of the property, less any assumed mortgages and special assessments and taxes included in the purchase price. The rate of tax is $1.65 for each $500 of purchase price.
Deed tax = Sale amount x .0033

On all deeds and mortgages where state deed tax and state mortgage registry taxes are due, there is also a state mandated $5 agricultural preservation fee. This fee should be included in either the state deed tax or state mortgage registry tax fee and not in the recording fee.
Document Formatting Requirements
• A document submitted for recording should consist of one or more pages measuring no larger than 8.5x14 inches.

• The text of the document shall be printed, typewritten, or computer generated in black ink and a font size of at least 8 point.

• No additional sheets shall be attached or affixed to any page that covers up information or printed material.

• The document should be on white paper of not less than 20 pound weight with no background color, images, or writing, and should have a clean border of approximately ½ an inch on the top, bottom, and each side.

• The first page should contain a blank space at the top measuring at least 3 inches down. The right half of this space is to be for recording information while the left half is used for certification.

• At the top of the first page, immediately below the 3 inch margin, a document title should be given.

• To accommodate the margin and first page requirements, an administrative page may be used. This will result in extra fees.

• Deeds submitted for recording must include the date of execution; the names of the grantor and grantee, a complete legal description of the real property, a proper acknowledgment, and a “drafted by” statement, if it is notarized in Minnesota. If applicable, a deed may also need a document reference number if referring to a previously recorded document.

• The “drafted by” statement should be given in substantially the following form: “This instrument was drafted by NAME and ADDRESS.”

• The name and address of the person to whom tax statements should be sent is required to be on the deed. This can be given in the following form: “Tax statements for the real property described in this instrument should be sent to (legal name of grantee) and (residential or business address of grantee).”

• A grantee’s statement is required on all deeds. This should include the grantee’s name and address.

Most deeds require a Certificate of Real Estate Value to be submitted. If this is required for a document, a Well Disclosure Certificate should also be submitted. This can be obtained from the Minnesota Department of Health website and can be filed electronically or in person.
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