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Lamar County, Mississippi

Recorder Offices

Lamar County Chancery Clerk

403 Main St / PO Box 247, Purvis, Mississippi 39475

8:00 to 5:00 M-F

Phone: (601) 794-8504

Register of Deeds

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Mississippi - Lamar County Recorder Information

The Chancery Clerk is responsible for recording and maintaining real property records in Lamar County.

Recording Fees

As required in Mississippi code ANN. 25-7-9
Effective January 1, 2020

DEEDS: Warranty, Timber, Quitclaim, Trustee's Deeds, Deeds of Trust,
Leases, Plats, Covenants, Construction Liens, Lis Pendens, Townhouse
and Condominium Liens, Powers of Attorney, UCC filings in land records,
Miscellaneous documents, Mobile Home Certificates, etc.
$25.00 Includes indexing for the first 5 pages
$1.00 EACH additional page more than 5

EACH: Assignment, Partial Release, Release, Amendment, Cancellation, Authority to Cancel, Amendment of Supplement to Covenants, Subordination, Modification, Substitution of Trustee Etc.
$26.00 Includes indexing for the first five (5) pages and marginal notation.
$26.00 EACH additional assignment, release, etc.
$1.00 EACH additional page more than five (5)

Oil & Gas Leases, Mineral Deeds, Royalty Deeds, Etc.
$25.00 Includes indexing for the first five (5) pages.
$1.00 EACH additional section or subdivision lot
$1.00 EACH additional page more than five (5)

EACH: Oil & Gas Release / Cancellation / Assignment.
$25.00 Includes the first five (5) pages
$4.00 EACH section or subdivision lot
$1.00 EACH additional page more than five (5)
$1.00 EACH additional page more than five (5)
$1.00 EACH additional book and page marginal notation when applicable.
$18.00 For assignment: Each additional assignee

Mineral Stamp Fees: (MISS CODE ANN. 273179)
1-10 years: $0.03 per mineral acre
11-20 years: $0.06 per mineral acre
20+ years: $0.08 per mineral acre
Furnishing Minerals on deeds are $.08 per mineral acre
NOTE: Mineral Stamps if applicable are $1.00 minimum

A document that does not meet formatting requirements will be recorded for an additional fee of $10.00

Furnishing Copies:
Performed by clerk or employee $0.50 per page
If performed by any other person $0.25 per page
Certified Copies $1.00 per each complete document

All fees are due and payable in advance.

For the most current fees and further information, make sure to contact the local probate office directly. County recording fees are subject to change without notice.

Document Formatting Requirements

* A document shall consist of one or more individual pages with printing on one side only. Pages should not be permanently bound or in a continuous form. Individual pages may be stapled together.

* Paper should be 8.5 x 11 inches, white, and of sufficient weight.

* No attachments should be stapled or affixed to any page, except for a firmly attached label with a barcode or return address.

* Printing or typing must be at least 8 point and of a sufficient color and clarity to be reproduced. Black ink is advisable. Signatures should be in dark black or blue ink.

* A top margin of at least 3 inches should be provided on the first page. This is to be left blank. All other margins are a minimum of .75 of an inch. Nonessential information may be placed in other margins.

* Page numbers are not required, but are helpful for the chancery clerks.

* A deed must be properly acknowledged before it can be accepted for recording.


* The following information should appear below the 3 inch top margin: The name, address, and telephone number of the individual who prepared the document; return address; the title of the document; all grantors' and grantees' names; addresses and phone numbers of grantors and grantees; a legal description of the property or indexing instruction.

* If there is insufficient space on the first page for the entire legal description or the entire indexing instructions, immediately succeeding pages shall be used.

* The legal description can also be attached as an exhibit.

For documents being sent through the mail, a return self-addressed stamped envelope should be provided. Real Estate Deeds

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