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New Jersey - Burlington County Recorder Information

In Burlington County, the County Clerk is responsible for recording and maintaining records.

Recording Fees

Effective May 1, 2017, a cover sheet or an electronic synopsis will be required with all land documents submitted for recording. An additional fee of $20.00 will be charged for documents submitted without it.

To record the first page of an instrument, the fee is $40 (including abstracting fee). Each additional page is $10, as is each marginal book & page reference.

A mortgage is $30, plus $10 per additional page.

The realty transfer tax fees must be paid at the time of recording and are as follows:
$2 per $500 of consideration in excess of $150,000;
$3.35 per $500 of consideration not in excess of $150,000 but not more than $200,000;
$3.90 per $500 of consideration in excess of $200,000 but not more than $350,000.

For considerations in excess of that amount, see the New Jersey treasury's website.
Reduced rates apply to senior citizens, blind or disabled persons and on property that is low/moderate-income housing.

Document Formatting Requirements

* A document or its image should be legibly printed on white paper that is no larger than 8.5 x 14 inches.

* If including a cover sheet, which is available at every recording office in New Jersey as well as on a website maintained by the Division of Archives and Records Management, it should include: the nature of the document, the date of the document, and the names of the parties to the document and other names to be indexed. If the deed is conveying real property, include the lot and block number of the property or the account number for the property, the grantee's mailing address, and the amount of consideration. If the person submitting the document does not include a cover sheet or electronic synopsis, the recording office will charge an additional fee of $20 for indexing.

* The name of the person who prepared the deed is required to be stated on the document.

* Corresponding names should be printed below all signatures in the document.

* Documents should be in English or accompanied by an accurate English translation.

* If the transfer is subject to realty transfer fees, a statement of true consideration for the transfer should be contained in the deed, or the acknowledgment, or the proof of execution, or in an appended affidavit by one of the parties to the deed. A deed that states "One dollar and love and affection" as a statement of consideration must have an affidavit of true consideration annexed to the deed that sets forth the true and actual consideration paid or to be paid for the transfer.

* If the transfer is exempt from any fees, an affidavit stating the basis for the exemption should be appended to the deed.

* For transfers of real property upon which there is new construction, the words "NEW CONSTRUCTION" in upper case letters should be printed or typed clearly at the top of the first page, and an affidavit by the grantor stating that the transfer is of property upon which there is new construction should be included with the deed.

* As a prerequisite to recording, include the lot and block number of the real property being conveyed as designated on the tax map of the municipality at the time of conveyance or the account number of the real property.

* The mailing address of the grantee must be included on the deed. If the real property has been subdivided, the reference should be preceded by the words "part of." If no lot and block number or account number have been assigned to the property, the deed should state that fact.